India’s WAR Against George Soros

George Soros launched a bombshell accusation against India over the weekend, and Indian officials hardly waited to retaliate! We’re going to see what’s going on between the 92-year old financier of global chaos and the rising civilizational state of India and how it signals the awakening of a new world, one where Soros’ influence will be no more!

George Soros spoke at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend, contrasting his vision of the ideal world order with the rising nationalism in places like Russia, China, AND India!

Now India didn’t take those comments sitting down; this is Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, he’s the Minister of External Affairs in India, and he’s a bit of a rising rockstar in India’s ruling conservative party known as the BJP, or the Baratiya Janata Party. He is a brilliant speaker and thinker and he was asked to comment on Soros’ accusations!

That’s right: Soros is old, rich, opinionated and dangerous! That coming from India’s minister of external affairs! And what he just said about Soros is so perfect: Soros, when all is said and done, can claim he’s a democrat until he’s blue in the face, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s doing everything he possibly can to orchestrate world events irrespective of voter will and intention! To me, that’s what makes Soros so diabolical, when all is said and done. He virtue signals, he reputation launders under the guise of democratic open societies, when in fact, behind the scenes, he’s doing everything he can to undermine the will of voters, and Minister Jaishankar called him out on it! As many of you know, Soros’s thought and activist career are organized around the idea of what he calls the “open society.” It’s actually a term developed and popularized by Karl Popper in his classic work The Open Society and Its Enemies.

According to Popper, open societies are rational societies, whereas closed societies are inherently irrational. Open societies guarantee and protect rational exchange centered on the individual, whereas closed societies force people to submit to authorities, particularly traditionalist authorities, religious, political or economic. Now, laying aside the obvious critique that Soros is blatantly committing an either-or fallacy, or the fallacy of the excluded middle, in other words, there are clearly more conceivable options than just EITHER an open OR a closed society. Laying that aside, most would agree that Soros’s defining intellectual principle is cosmopolitan internationalism, the notion that the world should constitute a single global community that transcends nationalisms, tribalisms, and sovereign states. But many don’t recognize that one of, if not THE, most galvanizing factor for this is the role that apocalyptic environmentalism plays in Soros’ philosophy: Soros sees the planet as basically expiring, and only by galvanizing the world’s populations into a fully cooperative global community can we hope to overcome this ecological challenge! So interestingly, apocalyptic environmentalism appears to be the motivating factor that’s galvanizing his web of billion-dollar NGO’s that interfere in the politics of sovereign nations across the planet! And again, this is what’s so key to the nefarious nature of Soros: if, for him, what’s at stake is the very survival of our planet, then populations can’t be allowed to choose the wrong leaders! So that’s why all of this rhetoric about open societies and democracy and human rights is all bunk! The only legitimate governments are governments that go along with Soros’ environmental activism!

Unfortunately for Soros, as Jaishankar made clear, the world is changing; it’s moving away from the ability of one guy sitting in a penthouse in New York to dictate to the rest of the world how it’s supposed to operate! Dr Jaishankar is a member of what’s known as the BJP or the Baratiya Janata Party headed by prime minister Narendra Modi. And as part of this cultural revival, Prime Minister Modi has actually publicly called for a new post-globalist world order a number of times. And at the heart of that new world is the rise of what scholars are calling civilization states where the old civilizational orders of the ancient world are actually once again rising up and brining and end to the globalist modernist world. In the Hindu vision, the modern world represented what’s called Kali Yuga, or the age of darkness. But the renewal of Indian civilization under the auspices of the BJP party has many believing that the world is entering a new epoch or era, what they call the Satya Yuga and the Satya Yuga is a Golden Age where people RETURN to their religious and cultural traditions; it’s an age of purification and righteousness, it’s an age of increasing wisdom and virtue! And that’s precisely what India as a rising civilization state means for more and more people. The days of someone like George Soros sitting back and dictating how the world is going to work are over! A very different world is rising that doesn’t take its marching orders from people like Soros, and Dr Jaishankar is making that quite clear; his one of his most brilliant answers when asked which side India is on in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the wider US-China conflict:

What Dr. Jay-SHANkar basically just schooled that reporter in is the fact that the Cold War world, a bi-polar world, a world of two major political poles, the United States and the Soviet Union, is dead. That world, where Europe’s problems are the world’s problems, either you’re on the side of the West or you’re not; that world is dead; that bi-polar world is NOT the world that India lives in. India lives in what’s called a multi-polar world where multiple power centers are rising precisely because the old ancient civilizations that were in many ways buried under layers of modernist industrial concrete are once again rising up and remaking the world order! India is one-fifth of the world’s population, it is the 5thor 6th largest economy in the world. India IS in many respects, it’s OWN world, and it will govern according to the unique interests and values of India and there is nothing that old cold war leftovers, like George Soros, can do to stop it!