Biden’s Polls are DEVASTATING!

Things are going from bad to worse for Bumblin Biden. We’ve got the latest New York Times poll that just dropped and it is absolutely panicking the White and Democrats all across the country. It’s showing numbers that show a disaster for the Biden campaign, and we’re going to see what’s really going on behind them!

– Trump is leading in five out of six battleground states, with Michigan being the only exception where Biden has a narrow lead.

– Trump is siphoning off non-white working-class voters, particularly in urban areas, with record numbers of Latinos and Blacks supporting him.

– Trump’s strategy focuses on shaving off enough support from Biden’s non-white margins to overwhelm them with his rural white support, a tactic that appears to be working based on increasing poll numbers.

Things are going from bad to worse for Bumblin’ Biden. The latest New York Times poll that just dropped this morning is utterly astonishing. Trump is leading in five of the six battleground states, the one exception being Michigan, where Biden is only up by a point. Trump is up 13 in Nevada, 9 in Georgia, 6 in Arizona, 3 in Pennsylvania, and 1 in Wisconsin.

Politico covered the polls, saying, ‘Trump maintains a narrow lead in key battleground states.’ A 13 point lead in a state that no Republican has won in 20 years is now, according to Politico, a narrow lead. Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit made an interesting observation, pointing out that if Trump is leading in WI and PA, you can be sure he’s leading in Michigan as well. Michigan is the lone swing state in this New York Times poll that has Biden up by one. This poll is utterly devastating for Biden.

Byron York tweeted, ‘How many times have you heard that Democrats want Trump tied down in court instead of campaigning? Now, Morning Joe types are expressing concern that Trump is in court, where he is kept relatively quiet, instead of on the campaign trail, where he says things Biden can attack.’ The Democrats are now freaking out that their lawfare, which was deliberately designed to interfere in the 2024 election by keeping Trump off the campaign trail, is backfiring precisely because it keeps him off the campaign trail. It keeps him from saying things in his rallies that Biden can go after each and every day, and of course, the assumption there is that Biden would be amplified by a cheerleading legacy media.

These numbers show a pattern that we have been seeing for months now. Trump has hit a political sweet spot. The Trump candidacy is appealing to white and non-white working class voters. He’s maximizing the rural white vote while at the same time minimizing Biden’s non-white vote. Trump is once again maximizing the rural white vote, but now, at the very same time, in a way that he didn’t do in 2016 and 2020, he’s minimizing Biden’s non-white vote.

Trump is siphoning off non-white working class voters particularly in urban areas. Latinos and blacks are supportingTrump in record numbers, and that means record numbers of the non-white vote are defecting away from Joe Biden. Trump is maximizing his margins with white working class voters while minimizing Biden’s margins by siphoning off a considerable number of non-white voters. Trump doesn’t have to win the black vote or the Latino vote, he just needs to shave off enough from Biden’s margins to overwhelm those margins with his support from the rural white voter, who are coming out and supporting Trump in record numbers. Now the polls are increasingly aligning with this political sweet spot, and it has the Democrats absolutely terrified!

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