CHAOS on College Campuses is Splitting the Left!

The ultra-leftists at MSNBC are admitting that this campus chaos is on track to destroy Biden and the Democrats in November.

– Pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses have led to thousands of arrests, causing concern among Democrat operatives about their impact on the November election.

– The left is divided in a cultural war between pro-Palestinian progressives and pro-Israeli liberals, leading to internal strife and a breakdown of law and order.

– The public perceives these violent protests as a takeover of educational institutions, hurting Democrats and Biden’s support.

Larry Schweikert said that the Biden administration’s day-to-day endeavors have basically been reduced to playing ‘Whack-a-Mole’ with his policies. This, according to Larry Schweikert, is what the Biden administration has been reduced to doing. His administration is busy trying to smack down one policy screw-up after another. Whenever they think they’ve smacked down one policy failure, another one pops up somewhere else.

The chaos that has broken out on our college campuses across the nation is also causing Biden to lose support. Over the last two weeks, there have been thousands of arrests when riot police clashed with violent protesters. Many reports have shown that Democrat operatives are beginning to panic about the effect these pro-Palestinian protests are having on the November election.

The left is basically splitting apart in its own culture war between pro-Palestinian progressives and pro-Israeli liberals. The left is tearing itself apart. The total breakdown of law and order in the violent takeover of our educational institutions by radical leftists is what the feckless congressional Republicans don’t get. They’re so devoted to the uniparty and its futile attempt at holding onto the dying and fading unipolar world that they passed the anti-semitism awareness act that would have the inadvertent effect of banning parts of the New Testament!

What they don’t get that Donald Trump does is that the vast majority of the nation sees these protests as a violent takeover of our institutions of higher learning by radical leftists and a resulting total breakdown in law and order. This is crushing the Democrats right now. Their own civil war and culture war between progressive pro-Palestinians and liberal pro-Israelis is splitting the left and causing many to turn against Biden, including the mainstream media!

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