MSNBC Admits Trump Is Winning!

The days of ‘magical’ legal thinking are over. The ultra-woke leftists over at MSNBC are admitting that there is no legal calvary coming to the rescue of Joe Biden. That pundit openly admitted that this was all lawfare designed to RESCUE Bumblin’ Biden.

– MSNBC admitted that the legal system has been weaponized politically against Trump.

– They, along with other mainstream media outlets, are realizing that Trump is coming out on top with these indictments.

– Jack Smith’s case against Trump is the latest to completely collapse!

MSNBC is openly admitting that this lawfare was a blatant attempt by the powers that be to rescue Biden from his inevitable impending colossal defeat at the ballot box in November. These ultra-leftists at MSNBC are admitting that their plan on saving Biden through this deliberate, election-interfering lawfare isn’t working. He then said ‘let’s defeat Trump at the ballot box,’ but if this were going to be so easy, why did Biden need a legal calvary to save him? We just heard another admission. This guy is admitting that our weaponized legalism isn’t working, so the left needs to figure out how to steal another election!

An MSNBC panel led by Stephanie Ruhle admitted that the Democrats’ attempt at stealing another election, this time through lawfare, has failed. It has utterly failed. They are not alone. Politico, the mouthpiece of the DNC, is now openly admitting that Trump has successfully beaten the Democrats’ lawfare. And he’s winning across the board!

Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Trump has now officially collapsed! Judge Aileen Cannon has indefinitely postponed the trial date, which is the closest thing you can get to a judge tossing the case out entirely. In many respects, it’s better because Judge Cannon has left Jack Smith bereft of any ability to appeal her decision. It leaves Smith with nothing to appeal. A prosecutor has no basis to appeal a judge’s decision declining to set a new trial date.

The indefinite suspension of the case comes on the heels of revelations that the prosecutor, Jack Smith, admitted in court papers that the prosecution tampered with evidence. The image the legacy media published showing classified documents scattered all over the floor at Mar-a-Lago was planted by the FBI. According to the court filings released by Judge Cannon, Jack Smith has admitted that the FBI brought those cover sheets to the Mar-a-Lago raid, paperclipped them to the documents for the sole purpose of creating that stunt photo of the ‘crime scene,’ to make it appear as if that’s how the documents were found!

Unfortunately for Jack Smith, that’s how they presented the evidence to the court. In other words, they didn’t just tamper with the evidence and violate chain of custody protocols, but they basically lied to the court in the process. Jack Smith admitted in his latest filing that he misled the court. Legal experts are saying that this is fatal to Smith’s case.

The January 6th case, which is the other case Jack Smith is trying to skewer Trump with, is currently in limbo while the Supreme Court considers Trump’s claim to presidential immunity. No matter how the Supreme Court decides, it will send the case back to the DC court, over which the radical Marxist Judge Chutkan is presiding, and no matter what her decisions are after it’s been sent back to her, all of her decisions are immediately appealable to the DC Circuit and the Supreme Court could take the case again before trial. No matter what, this trial against Trump isn’t happening before November. No matter what Chutkan rules on, any appeal on Trump’s part guarantees that this case doesn’t happen until after November if at all.

The Fani Willis case in Fulton County, Georgia is probably the most hilarious turn of events. Now she is the subject of interrogation by the Georgia Senate as they are investigating whether she misused state funds flying around the world with her boytoy. At the same time, Trump’s legal team is successfully appealing the Judge’s decision in this case to keep Fani Willis on even after she admitted to having an affair with a subordinate during the whole process of the trial. That appellate process may indeed end up booting her off the case entirely.

Stormy Daniels has just doomed Alvin Bragg’s case:

Jonathan Turley is arguing that the court has already blatantly biased the jury against Trump by asserting all kinds of things that the prosecution hasn’t proved and by tainting the jury with completely irrelevant testimony. All that matters in this case is the objective nature of the hush money payment. This hush money payment can, by definition, be made for all kinds of reasons. They are not specific to a campaign expense, like paying a pollster or a campaign manager, and therefore cannot possibly be considered a campaign finance violation.

President Trump has won from this whole charade trial. Larry Scheikart helpfully summarizes it all here for us:

-He got the Supreme Court to strike down the Colorado Supreme Court ballot decision 9-0

-Won a permanent delay in the Jack Smith classified documents case.

-Won the NY civil bond deposit appeal, that’s the one that overturned Letitia James’ attempt at fining Trump half a billion dollars

-Won the immunity appeal at the Supreme Court.

-They’re destroying Stormy Daniels on the stand

-Put Fani Willis in massive legal trouble.

This is what the leftwing activists over at MSNBC are freaking out over! While the legacy media was bending over backwards trying to convince their evaporating audience that Trump was getting crushed by this lawfare, that the Democrats’ weaponizing of the legal system was definitely going to take him out, this is what’s been actually happening! Trump has been winning with the Supreme Court, his appeals, with Jack Smith, in the New York appellate courts, in Fulton County, and in this Alvin Bragg case by holding ad hoc Trump rallies in downtown Manhattan!

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