CHRISTIANS Are TAKING OVER California Public Schools!

Chino Valley, California, located in southwestern San Bernardino County in the shadow of LA is known for its picturesque township, outdoor activities, and its highly successful public school system. That system is now the point of controversy.

– California sues Chino Valley Unified School District over parental notification policy regarding student gender identification.

– The rise of Christian patriots in political spheres, even in traditionally liberal areas like San Francisco, signifies a phenomenon called “neo-regionalism.”

– Megachurches play a significant role in mobilizing and organizing Christian patriots to reclaim regional control and reshape local governance.

As you saw, the state of California is suing the Chino Valley Unified School District after their school board overwhelmingly voted to mandate parental notification of any students who are using pronouns and bathrooms different from their biological sex. This parental notification is considered controversial in California. What’s even more controversial is how what’s happening in Chino Valley is indicative of what’s happening throughout the state.

More conservative churches with massive memberships of tens of thousands are rising up and taking over school boards. Chino Valley is home to one of the most politically active mega-churches in the nation. Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, led by patriot pastor Jack Hibbs, has spearheaded a takeover of their county public school board. This takeover has effectively turned the schools throughout the county back in alignment with the values of the vast majority of parents. This is how parents reacted when the new Christian Patriot-dominated school board voted to pass the pro-parent resolution requiring parental notification:

The resolution was hardly controversial, and as it turns out, Chino Valley’s megachurches have the numbers to win over their school board and pass pro-Christian, pro-patriot measures. The ultra-woke California Attorney General announced immediately that the state was suing the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education over this policy requiring schools to inform parents if there’s a change in their child’s gender identification. The leadership of the state of California has been so overrun by lunatics that they now believe a school district should be sued for requiring schools to inform parents of their child’s changed gender identity. Here’s how school board president Sonja Shaw responded:

What’s so inspiring here is how Christian patriots are no longer sitting on the sidelines waiting for the Republicans to do something or waiting for Trump to return to office. They are actively rising up and taking action to take over the political spheres in their own backyards. It’s even happening in the bluest sections of California.

These are San Francisco voters celebrating the successful effort to recall one of the most leftwing district attorneys in the nation, fully funded by George Soros, In June 2022, San Francisco Voters went to the polls and overwhelmingly voted in favor of recalling the ultra-woke San Francisco prosecutor Chesa Boudin. A couple of months prior to that, parents organized a successful recall effort to vote out 3 radical leftists on their unified school board all of whom were defeated with upwards of 70% of the vote.

What’s happening here with Christians rising up and taking over school boards and real estate and 2nd amendment sanctuaries that are now dominating our national landscape is a rising phenomenon that’s reshaping the world called ‘neo-regionalism.’ This is a backlash against the standardizing dynamics of globalism and its one-size-fits-all approach to political and economic life. Globalism entails a key dynamic known as ‘disembedding,’ which dislodges time and space from localized control and in effect replaces localized customs, cultures, and traditions with a one-size-fits-all political and economic system that is increasingly being characterized by progressiveness.

As part of the backlash against that, more populations are embracing their distinct cultural particularism and customs and traditions specific to their regional uniqueness. We are seeing the rise of megachurches taking over public schools, which is the larger phenomenon of reterritorialization. Regions are being reclaimed by localized populations, and it looks like it’s primarily Christian patriots, who have the intermediary institution of the church and its ability to organize and mobilize who are the ones who are primarily rising up and taking their regions back!

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