Russia and China Join for a Project on the MOON!

This week, Vladimir Putin was inaugurated once again as President of the Russian Federation as part of the day-long inauguration ceremony. There was a special ordination service held by the Russian Orthodox Church, climaxing in the Moscow Patriots asking God to bless Putin with spiritual and physical strength to rule Russia in the midst of the world challenges that they face.

– Chinese President Xi praises Serbia’s return to Orthodox roots and criticizes the West for NATO’s bombing campaign on the 25th anniversary.

– Russia and China plan to build a nuclear-powered lunar research base as part of the International Lunar Research Station.

– The concept of archeofuturism emerges, blending ancient traditions with modern technology, shaping a new world order extending to space exploration.

Chinese President Xi was visiting a renewed Orthodox Serbia, which is actively turning away from what it sees as the decaying West and embracing the rising East. President Xi reaffirmed China’s solidarity with Serbia, chastising the West on the 25th anniversary of what Xi called NATO’s illegal 70-day bombing campaign which destroyed the Chinese consulate in Belgrade. Xi lauded Serbia’s return to their religious and civilizational roots as a bulwark against the disastrous and decaying cultural policies of the dying West.

China itself is going through a massive Confucian revival that President Xi is intentionally on the frontlines of. China now sees itself as a Confucian civilization state, where modern communism has ironically reorganized itself in accordance with ancient Confucian concepts such as the Mandate of Heaven and cosmic harmony. It’s all part of an astonishing return to tradition that’s happening all over the world. A revitalization of the old world civilizations is rising up and reshaping the world order.

It’s now being widely reported that both Russia and China are teaming up to put nuclear power plants on the moon. According to the Daily Mail, ‘Russia has revealed it has started building a nuclear power plant to be put on the moon as part of its planned joint lunar base with China. The two countries are collaborating on the International Lunar Research Station, a massive complex on the moon that is set to break ground in 2026. The proposed base, which will have a radius of nearly four miles, larger than any Disney theme park, will house scientists who will study the moon’s properties.

According to the head of Russia’s space agency, Moscow is considering the idea of powering the station using nuclear energy, on account of the fact that lunar nights last around 14 Earth days, making solar panels on the surface of the moon less viable as a power source. This is all part of a new space race that we first saw emerge in the Cold War with the advent of Sputnik, but now China has joined the race. China is making massive leaps in space travel, achieving the first soft landing ever on the far side of the Moon back in January 2019. This new nuclear-powered lunar research base is the latest in what we might call terrestrial geopolitics.

We are seeing a future that blends together ancient civilizational traditions with space-age technology. It’s what scholars are calling archeofuturism. Back in the 1990s, a book on this was published by French scholar Guillaume Faye. Faye argued that the modern globalist world, rooted in the excesses of secular technology and mass industrialization was provoking a crisis of meaning that made it simply unsustainable. He theorized that as the myth of unending progress inevitably wanes, future populations would increasingly return to what he called their archai, or their ancient wisdom and virtue traditions that have sustained their identities as unique people groups for thousands of years.

But Faye recognized that our technological advances would hardly slow down, so he saw a future where tradition and technology would learn to live side-by-side. What is clear from what we’re seeing in Russia and China is that a new world really is rising. An extraordinary world of titanic civilization states is redefining the political and economic order like never before that is even extending to the stars!

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