Woke Disney Is in a FREE FALL and They’re Blaming US!

Disney is in a free fall. It cannot shake its well-earned reputation for pushing woke trash on their audience. Shares for Disney tumbled in early trading this week as investors got spooked over the Disney-plus streaming service missing its forecast for the quarter.

– Disney’s subscriber numbers fall short of expectations, attributed to its perceived shift towards woke ideology.

– Criticism of Disney’s woke messaging has become mainstream, impacting its movie audience and revenue.

– Bud Light and other companies face permanent customer boycotts, signaling a shift in consumer behavior toward supporting values-aligned businesses.

Altogether, Disney was able to amass just over 150 million subscribers, but that number fell short of the near 156 million they were expecting. Even their $22 billion hall for the quarter fell short of investors’ expectations. It’s Disney’s newly earned reputation as a purveyor of all things woke and DEI that is really taking its toll. If you want to see how far Disney has fallen, take a look at this promo from Piers Morgan’s show last month:

The mocking of Disney for being too woke has clearly gone mainstream. The radical critique of Disney is no longer just a bunch of rightwing websites complaining about Disney’s newfound progressivism. Major talk shows on both sides of the aisle are foregrounding the absurdities of Disney’s wokeness and how those absurdities have led to a near collapse in Disney’s movie-going audience. Since Disney came out as a purveyor of leftist messaging, Disney has lost billions in revenue at the box office. When you take all the big box office flops since Covid, the vast majority of them are coming from Disney.

Marvel movies have been made that nobody wants to watch anymore because they’re so progressive, but that didn’t stop Disney from spending hundreds of millions of dollars in their production. To add insult to injury, Disney executives are blaming conservatives for their box office woes.

According to a recent report, one anonymous executive was quoted as claiming that audience members increasingly equate the social messaging of Disney’s movies with the quality of the films. Instead of saying that female empowerment is bad, this executive thinks we will just claim the movie is bad. He is claiming that Disney movies are failing at the box office not because they’re actually bad but because audiences are so sexist. These people are so insufferable, narcissistic, and neurotic that they can’t even see how bad these movies are because they are so blinded by their ideological fanaticism. The best thing all of us can do right now is to rid our lives, as much as possible, of ALL woke companies!

What we are all doing in boycotting businesses like Disney is building the parallel economy in real time. It’s known as consumer politics, where more people are effectively mobilizing to vote with their wallets. As corporate America gets increasingly infected by the woke mind virus, more consumers want nothing to do with their products or services because we know that our purchases are funding ideological absurdities that run diametrically counter to our conservative values.

What’s happened to the likes of Bud Light, Target, Netflix, Starbucks, and now Disney is that they are beginning to see a significant portion of their customer base enter into a permanent boycott mode. Bud Light is now admitting they are never getting their lost customers back. They have offended their customer base with not just the Dylan Mulvaney ad disaster, but those radically condescending comments from the VP of marketing towards Bud Light’s loyal customers was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bud Light has hemorrhaged customers, and they have concluded that these customers are not coming back.

In an age of consumer politics, more customers are intentionally and deliberately voting with their dollars. They are ready to financially bury whoever would dare offend and insult the values of faith, family, and freedom that we hold dear. So unfortunately for the likes of Disney, it looks like they’re learning the lessons of consumer politics the hard way.

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