Judge THREATENS Trump with JAIL!

Trump is running rings around the corrupt Manhattan prosecution. All as their case against soon to be number 45, soon to be number 47 implodes!

– Judge Merchan threatens to jail Trump for alleged violations of a gag order, prompting Trump to assert the importance of the Constitution over incarceration.

– Hope Hicks’ testimony, misrepresented by the media, reveals Trump’s concern for Melania amid affair allegations, undermining the prosecution’s case.

– Stormy Daniels’ testimony is viewed as an attempt by the prosecution to sway the jury’s interpretation of Trump’s payment, despite its questionable relevance to the charge.

As the sham hush money trial enters its third week, the judge in the case, Judge Merchan, a very loyal Democrat who has a vested interest in trying to take down Trump, began the week threatening to send President Trump to jail. He accused Trump of continuously violating the unconstitutional gag order that he imposed on him, and said that if he didn’t stop those flagrant violations, the judge would have to consider sending Trump to jail in contempt of court.

To make matters even worse, this judge even admitted that Trump will most likely become the next president. Trump’s response to this threat was saying that our Constitution is much more important than jail. He said he would make that sacrifice any day. He’s not even remotely intimidated by this joke of a judge’s threats. According to legal analyst Andrew McCarthy, Trump is right not to be intimidated.

The Democrats have lost the plot on this. They know Trump is running rings around them in this farcical trial that shouldn’t even be happening in the first place since the statutes of limitations ran out years ago. We don’t even know what the crime was that was supposedly committed. Alvin Bragg is accusing him of supposedly falsifying bank records in order to cover up another crime, that’s how they turned this misdemeanor into a felony, and that other crime is that he supposedly tried to hide Stormy Daniels affair from his campaign. But there’s nothing that suggests that this is what he did.

Hope Hicks took the stand in this case this week. She is the longtime campaign PR person and representative of Trump. The legacy media shamelessly spun her testimony. At one point, as the prosecution began to grill her, Hope started to cry. We don’t know why, it was never discussed, and they had to take a recess so she could regain her composure. But the legacy media framed this as if her testimony was devastating to Trump. They accused her of breaking down over her overwhelming sense of guilt, when in fact, her testimony actually ended up destroying Bragg’s case.

She said that she does recall Trump acknowledging some knowledge of Michael Cohen paying the $130,000 to Stormy Daniels, which doesn’t even matter if Trump did know about it because the payment itself isn’t illegal and hush money payments aren’t illegal. Hope Hicks said what crushes Bragg’s case: ultimately, according to her, Trump was worried about all these women coming out and alleging affairs not because of the effect it would have on his campaign, but because of Melania.

A lot of people don’t realize that Trump and Melania have been married for 20 years. Of course he’s going to be concerned about all these women coming out and making these allegations. But in the end, none of this matters legally speaking. It’s completely irrelevant what was going on in Trump’s head. The media can’t stop talking about it, but legally it is completely irrelevant. All that matters is the nature of the payment. Megyn Kelly, who’s a lawyer, was talking about this with Victor Davis Hanson recently. She said all that matters is the objective nature of the payment.

It likely cannot be shown that this payment was only ever a campaign expense. There are objectively other possible reasons for the payment, which likely served multiple purposes. Stormy Daniels testified, and she has changed her story over and over again. The letter she purportedly wrote denying an affair with Trump may be deemed authentic, but regardless, nothing Stormy Daniels says matters. There is nothing that she could say that would in any way change the fact that a $130,000 hush money payment does not necessarily fall under the category of a campaign expense. That is the absurd charge that the prosecution is trying to prove.

The only reason why Stormy Daniels is testifying is so that the prosecution and the media can together continue to salaciously frame this whole thing in the hopes of persuading the jury to interpret Trump’s payment solely as a campaign expense. They want to get the jury to do what no sane group of people ever would. Whether it works or not, we’ll have to see, but it’s beyond embarrassing in terms of the actual objective nature of the charge.

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