Jack Smith’s Case IMPLODES!

Jack Smith’s classified documents case against President Trump has officially imploded. We’re going to see precisely how the judge in this case has effectively ended Jack Smith’s career, and why the legacy media are having a total and complete meltdown.

– The classified documents case against Trump collapses as prosecutor admits evidence tampering.

– Admissions of tampering and misleading the court fatally undermine the case, legal experts say.

– Stormy Daniels’ testimony only serves to highlight the absurdity of the case against Trump.

In what’s being called a slam dunk for President Trump, the classified documents case, …the case that crossed the Rubicon by raiding a former president’s home at Mar-a-Lago, that very case has now officially collapsed. Judge Aileen Cannon has indefinitely postponed the trial date for Jack Smith’s case against Trump. The indefinite postponement, which is the closest thing you can get to a judge tossing the case out entirely, comes on the heels of revelations that the prosecutor, Jack Smith, admitted in court papers that the prosecution tampered with evidence.

There was a viral image the legacy media published showing classified documents scattered all over the floor at Mar-a-Lago. It has been exposed that the cover sheets on all of the documents were planted by the FBI. Everything that said ‘Secret, Secret, Secret’ from those images was all planted. According to the court filings released by Judge Cannon, Jack Smith has admitted that the FBI brought those cover sheets to the Mar-a-Lago raid. They paperclipped them to the documents for the sole purpose of creating that stunt photo of the crime scene to make it appear as if that’s how the documents were found.

Unfortunately for Jack Smith, that’s how they presented the evidence to the court. They didn’t just tamper with the evidence and violate the chain of custody protocols, but they lied to the court in the process. Jack Smith admitted in his latest filing that he misled the court. It’s not that he simply made a mistake, he admitted in court papers that he had misled the court, and legal experts are saying that this is fatal to Smith’s case. Here’s legal commentator David Gelman:

Jack Smith’s team contaminated the chain of custody. The chain of custody involves giving an objective account of the evidence at every step of the investigation. The only way evidence is admissible in a court of law is if its chain of custody can be accounted for at every single point of its admission. You need documentation on how the evidence was received, where it was stored, and who had access to it. At any point if that chain of custody is broken or if there is no record of who or what was involved in the movement of that evidence, it is no longer admissible because it could have been tampered with.

The possibility of having been tampered with is enough to disqualify the evidence. That is what has happened to Jack Smith’s classified documents case. This decision by Judge Aileen Cannon postpones the date for the trial indefinitely. Judge Cannon has left Jack Smith bereft of any ability to appeal her decision. It leaves Smith with nothing to appeal as a prosecutor has no basis to appeal a judge’s decision declining to set a new trial date. This case is basically dead.

The legacy media has no idea how to report this. An absurd piece from Politico is titled, ‘Prosecutors admit Docs in boxes seized from Mar-a-Lago were inadvertently jumbled.’ The bi-line claims that Jack Smith acknowledged that he had ‘mischaracterized the issue but it wasn’t significant’! This is not substantially different from the kind of reporting we would get in North Korea. Being this ideologically enslaved to the interests of our political elite is not any different than the ideological enslavement in North Korea.

What Politico has published is blatant political propaganda coming straight from the bowels of the Deep State. Here’s CNN admitting that Trump has basically won and that the cases against him have collapsed:

All the cases against Trump are collapsing right before their very eyes. This classified documents case was supposed to be the strongest one of them all. It was the one that had the most evidence, it was supposedly the most documented, and now it’s collapsed. The case has completely collapsed as Jack Smith admitted not only to tampering with evidence but also lying about it to the court. As all of this is happening, we are seeing the implosion of the Alvin Bragg case in Manhattan. Judge Juan Merchan, a Democrat donor, excoriated President Trump for not respecting the ‘dignity of the court,’ and then, in the next breath said: ‘Now bring out the porn star!’

This is beyond absurd at this point! If this is what the legal system has been reduced to in New York City, anyone there needs to leave immediately. This is a theater of the absurd, and the entire world, not just the United States, sees it! All Stormy Daniels was meant to do was embarrass Trump and it looks more like she only ended up revealing just how utterly embarrassing this entire case against Trump really is!

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