Piers Morgan STUNNED as Scientist PROVES God EXISTS!

Piers Morgan sat down with famed author and scientist Stephen Myer to talk about the scientific proof for the existence of God, and what followed stunned even Piers Morgan himself.

– Stephen Myer argues that the Big Bang theory necessitates a cause outside the universe, implying a supernatural origin.

– David Bohm’s holographic universe theory suggests the entirety of existence is present in every part, akin to DNA in cells.

– Myer’s interview emphasizes the intersection of cosmic wonders with compassionate mercies, reinforcing the concept of God.

What Stephen Myer said is key to understanding why the Big Bang hypothesis doesn’t just point to God but actually requires God for its existence. The key here is that the Big Bang affirms that the universe is not a closed system. The very matter of the universe came into being by that which is entirely outside the universe. There is no possible material explanation for the universe. The universe is not a natural phenomenon in that the very matter that comprises nature came into being through non-material non-natural means. In that sense, the origin of the cosmos is entirely supernatural. That’s what Stephen Myers means when he claims that the Big Bang requires a cause to the entire universe that is entirely external to the material universe itself.

Often there is a lot of confusion to what is traditionally meant by the term ‘God’ that we use here. The term ‘God’ is derived from the Old German word ‘gott’ which has several meanings, but one of them is a being that is set apart. What Stephen Myer is pointing out here is because the cause of the universe has to be, again, by definition of the Big Bang, outside of time and space and matter, this being that caused the universe is wholly set apart from the stuff of the universe. The old German word for that being is ‘Gott,’ or ‘God’ as we say today. This is why many would argue that the Big Bang doesn’t just suggest that there’s a God, but actually necessitates a God who is wholly set apart from anything at all in the whole of the universe.

David Bohm, who worked at London University and was very close to Einstein, argued that the universe functions very much like a hologram. The whole is present in every part. Now, in the new physics, the universe is understood as a complicated web of interdependent relationships where every part entails the whole. For example, in modern biology, we can see that the whole of the human body is present in the cell.

The cell is a wondrously complex organism that has within it all the specified information needed to create our whole bodies. This is the order that comprises the whole universe. Everything in the universe is implicated in everything else. The new physics militates against the idea that the material world is made up of a bunch of marble-like atoms that somehow just arranged themselves in such a way that works, that shapes into a kind of cosmic order. But just like the way DNA operates in our bodies where every cell contains all the information and building blocks for the whole of our bodies, the whole of the universe is actually entailed in every single particle of the universe.

The grandeur of God and the transcendence of God is such that God’s infinite Being extends beyond the whole of this fathomless universe and yet that same infinite being comes to us in the moments of our deepest pains and brokenness. The God of the cosmos is also the God of comfort and compassion. There is simply nothing else in the whole of humanity’s collective comprehension that can even come close to replacing this notion of an eternal, infinite, all-knowing Being who provides for us.

God is the highest idea that human thought is capable of grasping and the closest and dearest comfort that humans could ever desire! This interview with Stephen Myer was very impactful, and it’s great that Piers Morgan had him on and reminded all of us that the God of cosmic wonders is especially the God of compassionate mercies!

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