Biden HUMILIATED in CNN Interview!

Bumblin’ Biden sat down with CNN’s Erin Burnett for what was supposed to be a routine interview of softball questions from the regime-approved media. Little did Biden or his advisors know that he was walking into an absolute trainwreck.

– CNN anchor caught in a lie as Biden falsely claims inflation was 9% when he took office, despite it being at 1.4%.

– Biden faces challenges as swing state polls indicate Trump leading in every swing state, according to Project 538.

– Despite acknowledging high prices, Biden focuses on corporate greed and CNN suggests he should talk about the economy more, despite 70% of voters rating it as poor.

His cognitive conditions does not allow him to process the devastating numbers being hurled at him, and he clearly wasn’t prepared for it. CNN is supposed to have read the memo that all legacy media outlets have to push the same pro-regime lies. But somehow, at least for this segment, CNN didn’t get the memo.

The CNN anchor knows that he was lying. Biden made a blatantly false claim, stating that inflation was 9% when he took office. As we all know, inflation was nowhere NEAR 9% when he took office. Inflation was at 1.4%. It certainly hit 9 percent, but not until Biden wrecked the economy. Under Biden, inflation hit a 40-year high. Not since Carter have we seen inflation rates like this.

He mentioned some nebulous Michigan poll that apparently claimed that 60% of voters are totally happy with Biden. The irony here is that just days back, Kaplan Industries released a poll showing that Trump was crushing Biden by 15 points in Michigan. This was an outlier, but the RCP polling average that aggregates all the polls shows Trump clearly beating Biden in Michigan.

The inconvenient truth for Bumblin’ Biden is that almost all the polls in every swing state show Trump beating him. Trump is ahead in the Project 538 polling average in every single swing state. That’s what Biden can’t stand. To make matters even worse, the latest PA poll that just came out from Muhlenberg has Trump up by 3, which is a four-point swing to Trump since their last poll.

Corporate greed seems to be what Biden thinks is going to resonate with voters. He acknowledged that prices are sky high, but said that we have the money. It’s not clear why CNN turned on Biden here. Maybe it was because 70% of voters think the economy is poor. CNN’s solution to that, as admitted here by that pundit, is that Biden should talk about it more. They’re giving Biden a platform to talk about the economy more, but as you can see, the more Biden talks, the more the economy appears to tank.

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