Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are the three states that will likely decide the election and they are slippingthrough Biden’s fingers. A new national poll shows Trump now leading by double-digits.

– Pundits observe Biden’s potential political collapse, noting Trump’s lead in swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, historically crucial for Democrats.

– Trump’s increasing support in swing states contrasts Biden’s declining poll numbers, averaging 12 points lower than in 2020, prompting concerns for the Biden campaign.

– Biden faces challenges amid dissatisfaction with the economy, reminiscent of scenarios where incumbent presidents struggle to secure re-election, while Democrats face accusations of election manipulation tactics.

More pundits are recognizing that we may be seeing Biden’s political collapse in real time. The handful of states known as the Blue Wall, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, have historically guaranteed a Democrat victory in a presidential race. That wall crumbled back in 2016 when Trump swept all three states, being the first Republican to win them since 1988. It looks like Trump is poised to smash down that wall again.

The latest Emerson poll that just dropped shows that Trump is leading Biden in every single swing state. He’s up 3 in Wisconsin, 4 in Michigan, 2 in Pennsylvania, nearly 5 in Arizona, 4 in North Carolina, and 1 in Nevada. The Kaplan Strategies poll that came out last week posted devastating numbers. Kaplan found Trump up by 10 in Wisconsin, 15 in Michigan, and 5 in Pennsylvania. Those margins are outliers. We are not seeing any other polling that suggests numbers like that, although the latest Rasmussen poll that just dropped over the weekend has Trump up by 12 nationally.

What pundits are noticing here is that the Blue Wall states are an absolute must-win for Biden because Trump appears to be running away with it in the sunbelt swing states. He appears to be pulling away in the four sunbelt swing states, so the Blue Wall has never been more important for a Democrat in a presidential election as it is right now, and it looks like those three states are slipping through Biden’s fingers in real time.

Biden is polling, on average, 12 points lower than what he was polling back in 2020. They had to manufacture mountains of ballots just to get Biden to win by barely 40,000 votes. Polling 12 points lower than he did back when he barely made it past the finish line is not good news for Biden. Now there are reports that the Trump campaign is making a play for Minnesota and Virginia based on their own internal polling.

A recent Survey USA poll found that Trump and Biden are statistically tied in the ultra-blue state of Minnesota, the lone state that voted for Mondale back in 1984. We are seeing just how competitive Minnesota is in the RCP average. To make things even worse for Biden, the latest fundraising total has just been announced. Trump raised $76 million in April.

We know what happens to incumbent presidents when 60% of voters, a supermajority, are dissatisfied with the economy. This appears to be what is playing out for Biden. It is still early and we have six months to go here. The Democrats are already trying to steal the election with their lawfare and weaponized legalism against Trump. But when all is said and done, right now, Trump is crushing it. It’s our job to keep that momentum going and crush the Democrats in November!

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