Frat Boy Patriots DEFEND US Flag in Campus RIOTS!

The Frat Boy Patriot uprising is taking the nation by storm. Young men are turning back to patriotism like never before, and ironically, we may have the radial left to thank!

– Pro-Palestinian protestors at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill replaced the American flag with a Palestinian one, prompting a patriotic response from students defending the flag.

– Students at UNC rallied to protect the flag despite facing hostility from protestors throwing objects at them.

– This event reflects a broader trend of patriotic revival among young people, particularly young men, which is seen as a backlash against perceived leftist ideals.

It appears that we’re seeing an extraordinary revitalization of patriotism on college campuses across America, and ironically, we have radical progressives to thank for it. Pro-Palestinian protestors at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill took down an American flag on their campus and hoisted in its place a Palestinian flag. To add insult to injury, the flag had been flying at half-mast in honor of four Charlotte police officers who were killed in the line of duty last week.

These activists are concerned more by what’s happening 10,000 miles away than they are by what’s happening in their backyard, like our corrupt justice system that lets career criminals out on the streets so they could kill four North Carolina police officers. These protestors care nothing about that or their families.

The UNC Chancellor, Lee Roberts, responded with law enforcement officers to return the American flag to its place. The pro-Palestinian activists weren’t going to have any of that, so they moved to take the American flag down again, and then THIS happened:

A group of young men at UNC surrounded the flag and defended it from being taken down and desecrated again. They did so while protestors were hurling bottles and rocks and sticks at them, but no matter what, they stood their ground. They would not let the American flag be torn down. What happened at UNC inspired comparable acts of patriotism on other college campuses as well.

The outpouring of appreciation for what these students did has been astonishing. Over $500,000 has been raised on a Go Fund Me page for the students. The page was set up to benefit the fraternities that rallied to defend the flag. Country music legend John Rich is in the process of having the students at UNC come out for a free concert with backstage passes. The satirical Babylon Bee chimed in with the headline: ‘Immigration Crisis Ended as Frat Boys Deployed to Guard Southern Border.’

There appears to be a patriotic revival going on among young people! Miranda Devine published a great piece today in the New York Post entitled: ‘Frat Boy Summer is this year’s backlash against an epidemic of arrogant, entitled women.’

She writes, “Behold the ‘frat boys’ unapologetically saving Old Glory, singing the national anthem, chanting ‘USA, USA, USA,’ and rudely ridiculing the campus freaks who parade around in Hamas colors and barricade themselves in university buildings. God forbid! They look like Trump voters. This display of irrepressible masculinity erupting in Gen Z is an affront to the grand societal feminization project of the left, which has only itself to blame. Frat Boy Summer is this year’s backlash against an epidemic of arrogant, entitled women who have been coddled all their lives and think they’re smarter and more important than they really are. It is a manifestation of the growing political divide between men and women that has been evident in opinion polls for some time. There is a 10-point gap on most issues between men and women. Young unmarried women, in particular, skew very left, while young men are becoming markedly more conservative.”

The latest ABC News poll shows that the under-30 vote is going for Trump by 5 points. It’s a near 30-point swing from 2020. The reason why Trump is getting numbers like this is because of the sizable lead he holds among young men under 30 who are siding with Trump by double digits. Young women are siding with Biden by just 4. Biden won the under 30 vote by nearly 30 points in 2020. Now they are siding with Trump by 5. According to Miranda Devine, this is largely due to a blowback against what she calls ‘arrogant, entitled women.’

She singled out the Columbia student Johannah King-Slutzky who demanded that school officials supply the Columbia protestors who took over a building food and water so as to avoid a humanitarian disaster. They took over the building, and this entitled woman demanded that school officials provide them with food and water. It was bizarre, and what Devine argues is that these are people that no one admires. Unlike those young men defending the flag, these entitled feminists don’t evoke the respect or admiration of literally anyone.

And over the last decade, these feminists have been demonizing young men like those Frat Boys as oppressive patriarchs and blaming them for every ill under the sun. But it looks like those Frat Boys are having the last laugh here because over the course of that same decade, young men between the ages of 18 and 20 who identify as Republican has increased 11 points. 18 to 29 year old men are now 30% more conservative than their ultra-liberal female counterparts. So these FratBoys aren’t unique in the patriotism. They’re indicative of a much larger social trend where young men are rising up and defending rather than degrading a very grateful nation!

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