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Despite the insistence from the US government and mainstream media that the US is not a direct party to the conflict in Ukraine, Russia...

Zelensky ARRESTING & EVICTING Monks in Ukraine!

We have another serious development in the deepening crisis in Ukraine; the Zelensky government is actually expelling Orthodox Christians from an ancient monastery, and...

Meta FIRES 25% of Employees!!!

It’s happening! Silicon Valley really seems to be imploding right before our very eyes. Meta, the parent company of Facebook is announcing that they’re...

The Movement

Turley Talkers are a movement of Courageous Patriots constructing a Parallel Economy to live out our God Given Freedoms.

The Banking System is Collapsing

With the second and third biggest banking collapses happening back to back, many are asking: what on earth is happening here? Why does it...

Veterans TORCH Our Woke Military!

I recently had a great discussion with Dr. Steve about growing multipolarity around the world and the unfortunate state of our modern woke military....

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