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Dr. Steve Analyzes the Downfall of Ron DeSantis

-Dr. Steve breaks down exactly why Trump will CRUSH DeSantis in the Republican primary in this HUGE interview with TurleyTalks Staff Writer Conrad Franz -Republican...

Ukraine Begins its Delayed Counteroffensive!

What started as a December offensive turned into a spring offensive and is now, seemingly, a summer offensive for the Armed Forces of Ukraine....

Woke Cambridge Students HATE Truth Shared by Historian!

Wait until you see what happens when an actual historian starts dropping truth bombs about reparations, slavery, and colonialism on woke students at Cambridge...

The Movement

Turley Talkers are a movement of Courageous Patriots constructing a Parallel Economy to live out our God Given Freedoms.

Chick-Fil-A’s Move Towards Potential Wokeness Draws Conservative Criticism!

News of Chick-Fil-A hiring a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion VP emerged recently, with many conservatives outraged over what this may mean. The company has...

Song “Boycott Target” Hits #1 on iTunes!!

The number one song in the nation right now is “Boycott Target!” This has woke corporations panicking across the country! We are going to...

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