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GOP Establishment Endorses Pathetic Candidate as Trump SURGES!

The GOP donor establishment has gotten desperate. Not only have they abandoned Ron DeSantis in their attempt to defeat Trump for the nomination, now...

MSNBC Has A Trump Derangement Syndrome MELTDOWN!

Joe Scarborough and the ultra-leftists over at MSNBC have finally lost it. They are in a full-blown meltdown over Biden’s collapsing poll numbers, and...

Elon Musk Shares Controversial Ideas About HAMAS!

Elon Musk traveled to Israel on a fact finding trip and sat down one on one with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After surveying some...

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Oliver Stone STUNS Bill Maher on STOLEN 2020 Election!

Academy Award winning film director Oliver Stone shocked Bill Maher over the weekend, contending that the 2020 election could very well have been stolen,...

Biden Admits Defeat in This Key 2024 SWING STATE!

Some people are understandably very skeptical of polls. We see how polls can be manipulated in order to manipulate us. In the key swing...

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