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Elon Musk: WEF is SATANIC!!!

-Elon Musk TORE INTO Globalism and the WEF this past week! -As Europe experiences energy and economic crisis the demons in davos realize their power...


-Alec Baldwin will likely go to jail -Baldwin will definitely regret making a number of anti second amendment posts in light of this… -The globalists in...

The WEF is COLLAPSING in 2023!!!

-The world is changing and leaving the WEF behind -Major shifts this January are SCARING Klaus Schwab and the other demons at Davos -This GREAT ESCAPE...

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Turley Talkers are a movement of Courageous Patriots constructing a Parallel Economy to live out our God Given Freedoms.

Steven Crowder SOUNDING THE ALARM on Corrupt Con Inc.!!!

-Steven Crowder dropped a bombshell on the compromised nature of Conservative Inc. -The Daily Wire responds to Crowder’s points -I analyze the bigger trends in the...


-The classified documents scandal keeps SPIRALING for Joe Biden! -In this article I discuss the THREE smoking guns implicating Biden with Hunter -This is likely the...

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