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Greater Idaho Wins in 12th Oregon County!!!

The movement to move Oregon’s border and incorporate Eastern Oregon and its 380,000 residents to Idaho is growing by the day! On Thursday, May...

Technical Difficulties Steal the Show of DeSantis’ Campaign Announcement

So Ron DeSantis did indeed take to Twitter last night and made his presidential ambitions official. We’re going to look at the fallout from...

Franklin Graham Warns America꞉ “The Storm is Coming”!!

Franklin Graham is sounding the alarm: a storm is coming, and Christians better be prepared. We are going to see what Reverend Graham just said...

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Target PANICS after Massive BACKLASH Against Pride Display!!!

First Bud Light, now Target! Patriots across the nation are actively mobilizing against the department stores’ pride display, and it’s working! https://twitter.com/atensnut/status/1658812593320984579 - Target executives hold...

Target’s Satanic Pride Collection Sparks OUTRAGE!

In preparation for Pride month, Target has released a new Pride product line available in stores now. This is not surprising as Target has...

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