Biden Has LOST The Legacy Media!

Biden is now losing the legacy media! Biden has lost CNN and MSNBC.

– Dana Bash of CNN compares the rise of anti-Semitism on college campuses to Germany in the 1930s, sounding an alarm about the situation.

– Economic indicators suggest a looming recession, with GDP growth slowing, inflation rising, and concerns over government spending and borrowing.

– Despite ongoing legal issues, polls show Trump’s support increasing while Biden’s decreases, with Trump leading in swing states according to various surveys, indicating a significant shift in public sentiment.

Dana Bash compared the growing anti-Semitism on college campuses to Germany in the 1930s:

CNN is sounding the alarm that what’s happening on college campuses is akin to Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Al Sharpton compared the protests to January 6th on MSNBC:

The borderline illiterate Mika Brzezinksi on Morning Joe having a meltdown over Al Sharpton comparing what’s happening on our college campuses with January 6th. Biden has now officially lost the legacy media, which is recognizing that these protests are risking bringing down the whole power structure of the regime by putting Trump back in the White House!

Moreover, to make matters even worse, the policy strategist for AFG Investments, Greg Valliere, is warning that Biden’s decline in support among young voters is reaching catastrophic proportions. He’s lost five points in the last several weeks with young voters, and he’s now trailing even with Latino and Black voters. If Biden’s support continues to crater among those key demographics, there is no way he can win. He’s sounding the alarm that it looks like it’s too late to win particularly young voters back.

As if all that weren’t bad enough, we are seeing news of a recession looming on the horizon. GDP growth was 1.6% in the first quarter of the year, down from 3.4% in the fourth quarter of 2023 and 4.9% in the third quarter. We are seeing record-high government spending and borrowing, record-high credit card debt, and housing costs are up by 37% since the first quarter of 2020 through the end of last year. Inflation rose at a 3.8% annual rate in the first quarter and 2.9% in March alone, their highest levels in more than two decades. 70% of voters think the economy is poor. According to CNN, Biden’s solution to this concern is talking more about the economy.

We are also seeing more polling that shows that even if Trump is convicted and jailed, Biden’s poll numbers don’t budge. Ever since Trump’s trial started, Trump polls have been surging. Biden’s polls are at the same time plummeting across the board. The new Kaplan Strategies polling shows that Trump is up by 10 in Wisconsin, 15 in Michigan, 5 in Pennsylvania, and 4 in Arizona.

We have to treat this poll as an outlier, at least until we get corroborating data, but for now, we have many other polls showing Trump winning in all swing states. The latest Emerson poll shows that Trump is up by 3 in Wisconsin, 4 in Michigan, 2 in Pennsylvania, 5 in Arizona, 4 in North Carolina, and 1 in Nevada. The overlapping pattern between the two polls that we can see is that Trump is leading in every single swing state.

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