Woody Harrelson DESTROYS Big Pharma!

The woke left are absolutely shocked to find out who their new enemy is, and that’s none other than actor Woody Harrelson! We’re going to look at how he crushed vax mandates, how the legacy media is having a collective meltdown, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when we’ll find out why it’s all too little too late, the media and liberal left have already lost!

-Woody Harrelson went off on Big Pharma!

-The legacy media immediately gave themselves up as paid Pharma propagandists!

-The globalists are losing liberal darlings left and right!

The Academy Award nominee Woody Harrelson, who I will always know and love as the one who played the endearing character Woody Boyd on Cheers, made his fifth appearance as host for Saturday Night Live this weekend, and his opening monologue has generated utter hysterics from leftist liberals! Here’s what he said:

Now, as you can see, the audience appeared to be a bit stunned there, they didn’t know how to react; SNL draws a more liberal audience as I understand it! But MY, judging by the reaction that got from the legacy media, you would have thought that Woody Harrelson was a full-blown far-right anti-vaxxer! Rolling Stone came out almost immediately with a hit piece against Harrelson, accusing him of pushing conspiracy theories in his SNL monologue! The Washington Post did the exact same thing! And what’s so bizarre here is that they played right into Woody Harrelson’s critique! At least one person noticed that; Twitter user Kanekoa the Great published the perfect tweet, quoting Harrelson saying: ‘the biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media’ and then he highlights Rolling Stone and the Daily Beast and Huffington Post and Variety all with basically the exact same headline accusing Harrelson of pushing conspiracy theories! And more than that, if you really think through the punchline of the joke, it’s got nothing to do with anything these headlines are pushing!

Viva Frei responded particularly to Rolling Stone with: ‘You’re proving that you are not only relentless propagandists, but that you are uncompromising morons as well. Even assuming Woody was talking about Covid and the jabs, the punchline of his joke is that he takes the drugs voluntarily! Morons. Propagandist morons.’ Well, that certainly may be true, but this weekend’s SNL wasn’t the first time Woody Harrelson openly criticized Big Pharma; here he is on Bill Maher’s podcast getting even deeper into the issue:

The last entities on earth that I would trust with my health are Big Pharma and Big Business! So it would appear that the woke leftist gatekeepers of Big Media are well aware of Harrelson’s disgust for Big Pharma, and they used the occasion of his SNL monologue to push back against him and ironically, his critique that Big Media is in the pocket of Big Pharma! But again, the irony here is that this is all too little too late for the legacy media! Whether anyone likes it or not, the world is waking up, and leftist liberals only have themselves to blame! Again, what should be noted here, with that discussion between Bill Maher and Woody Harrelson, that’s not a discussion between two far right Q Anon conspiracy theorists; that was a discussion between two bona fide liberals! Both those guys would have, up until recently, gladly positioned themselves as left of center! What we’re witnessing here is the fact that the pro-vaxx, pro-Big Pharma, pro Big Government establishment forces have largely lost EVEN the left! They never had the right in the first place, but now they’re losing the likes of Bill Maher and Woody Harreslon and Piers Morgan! In fact, perhaps the single most vocal criticagainst Big Pharma and Vax mandates has been a Democrat! Bobby Kennedy Jr!

Things really started to unravel when the nation witnessed in horror the collapsing of 24 year old Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills on live television. We now know of course that he suffered from cardiac arrest. Soon thereafter, there appeared to be nothing less than a massive backlash against the vaccines! A Rasmussen poll that came out just days after Hamlin’s collapse found that nearly 1 in 3 respondents, 28 percent, claimed they knew someone they believe died from COVID-19 vaccines! 49 percent of those surveyed believe that it is likely that side effects of covid-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths, and not surprisingly, 28 percent of them believe it is very likely that THAT is the case! Moreover, we’ve been seeing of late a number of official and scholarly investigations into possible adverse reactions to the vaccinations, such as the 2021 investigations by Japanese scientists into the causal relationship between vaccine usage and deaths though the conclusions from that study remain ambiguous. And interestingly, so called vaccine hesitancy isn’t limited to the population of the United States. Reuters is reporting that China is having a HUGE problem with anti-vaxxers, as the number of boosted citizens is dropping dramatically. While 90 percent of the Chinese population is reported to be vaccinated, the number that have chosen to get the boosters has dropped to about half of that! And again, the primary reason cited for not getting the booster is people increasingly don’t trust the vaccines; they’re increasingly worried about adverse side effects, again, for right or for wrong, this is what appears to be a growing perception! On top of all that, we now know that the lab leak theory, which is today widely recognized as the most plausible explanation for the origin of the virus, we now know that the legacy media did everything they could to actively and deliberately suppress that theory when it originally came out! And of course, this is all against the backdrop of the Supreme Court and lower courts striking down, as blatantly unconstitutional, virtually every single vax mandate out there! So what this all means is that liberals, in pushing Big Pharma and mandates and the like, acted radically il-liberal! This is why so many on the left, like Bill Maher and Woody Harrelson and Bobby Kennedy Jr, have all jumped ship! They recognized that the liberals pushing these policies were pushing radically anti-liberal policies!

Now, of course, that leads to the question: why on earth are liberals becoming so anti-liberal? And a key reason for that is akin to what we were talking about in our last video on the cancellation of Scott Adams. A number of scholars recognize that liberalism entails its own futility; liberalism lacks frames of reference necessary for a sustainable social order, such as healthy fertility levels and group-bonding dynamics that contribute to high levels of social trust. Absent certain society-sustaining frames of reference, liberalism begins to recede, losing its grip on society, and in order to maintain that grip, it has to resort to increasingly illiberal tactics, like forced mandates and cancel culture! So liberalism is transforming into full-blown wokeness, which is radically anti-liberal, and it’s leaving more and more of those on the center-left without a political home; and that’s exactly what we saw over the weekend! So of course we’ll keep an eye on how things develop here, but it looks like an SNL monologue was yet the latest sign that the political left is unravelling, and they only have themselves to blame!