More Nations BAN George Soros!

We are seeing a huge development in the ultra-leftist George Soros’ global web of waning influence. Another nation has just risen up and effectively banned Soros and his Open Societies Foundation from their borders, and he’s not happy!

– Georgia has passed an anti-foreign agent law similar to Russia’s, targeting organizations receiving over 20% of their funding from abroad, such as those associated with George Soros.

– The law aims to prevent foreign influence, particularly from NGOs like Soros’ Open Society Foundations, known for promoting progressive ideologies.

– Soros’ Open Society Foundations have announced significant layoffs and plans to reduce operations in Europe, indicating a decline in their global influence.

As previously reported by Conrad Franz, the nation of Georgia is the latest country to pass a law that would effectively ban the likes of George Soros from their borders. The ruling conservative Georgian Dream party recently passed an anti-foreign agent bill through their parliament. The new law requires organizations receiving more than 20% of their funding from abroad to register as “agents of foreign influence” or face crippling fines.

The law is very similar to the one passed by the Russian government several years ago that has been used to quash far-left NGOs like Soros’ Open Societies Foundation with financial ties overseas. The leaders of these populations have been very successful in galvanizing their people to resist wokeness and the NGOs that function as trojan horses to smuggle those destructive ideologies in!

In Georgia, there has been a significant blowback against the anti-foreign agent law. Protestors have been flooding the streets in the capital city of Tbilisi. This is because there has been significant effort over the years by NGOs like Soros’ Open Societies Foundation to foment color revolution sentiments among the population inside Georgia. They are coming out in droves to protest this new law. It appears that they don’t come anywhere near representing the vast majority of Georgians.

Georgia is a highly conservative, Orthodox nation. Every year, when organizers try to put on an LGBT rally or march, tens of thousands of conservative Orthodox take to the streets to overwhelm and frustrate such efforts. Wokeness has not yet made its way inside Georgia, and that’s what this foreign agent law is trying to prevent.

In December 2018, Soros’ Open Society Foundations announced that it had become impossible to work in what they called the repressive atmosphere of Hungary and that they were picking up and moving their operations to Berlin. This was in response to the massive landslide win of Viktor Orban in their parliamentary elections. He campaigned on what’s commonly referred to as the ‘Stop Soros’ law, which penalizes all NGOs that seek to undermine Hungary’s border security by assisting immigrants and refugees in crossing the border and getting into Hungary.

The penalty, which involved massive fines and taxes, made it impossible for the Open Society Foundations to continue their operations in Hungary. Victor Orban also oversaw the expulsion of Soros’ Central European University from Budapest. The Hungarian government refused to grant accreditation to the university, which forced them to close their doors and leave Hungary altogether. Elon Musk has compared Soros to the X-men villain Magneto who is on a warpath against humanity.

When a Twitter user defended Soros as having good intentions which are criticized by those who disagree with his politics, Musk responded, “You assume they are good intentions. They are not. He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.” With all of this opposition, it’s no wonder that his Open Society Foundations is experiencing mass layoffs following the recent leadership transition to his son, Alexander Soros. The Open Society Foundations recently announced plans to cut almost half of their global workforce.

In an emailed statement, the organization confirmed that they have made the difficult decision to reduce their workforce by at least 40%, and shortly thereafter, it was announced that his Open Society Foundations are leaving Europe! They publicly announced that they were significantly reducing all operations in the European Union. The nations that are banning Soros are growing as his worldwide operations are shrinking. It looks as if the days of Soros are coming to an end!

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