Cohen’s Testimony Blows Up on the Leftist Prosecution Against Trump!

On Thursday, Michael Cohen gave testimony that sunk the case against Trump. His testimony was an absolute nightmare for the prosecution against Trump!

– Cohen’s testimony proved his reputation as a liar and a fraud.

– He claimed that he called Trump’s head of security to discuss the hush money payment, but phone records prove that this is a lie.

– Cohen’s testimony was supposed to compel the jury and judge to believe Trump was guilty, but it backfired and humiliated the prosecution.

On Thursday, Defense attorneys for President Donald Trump unleashed what many called a devastating cross-examination on the court-declared serial liar and serial perjurer, Michael Cohen. He is the star witness for the prosecution and he did not disappoint. Michael fell apart in the cross-examination.

The prosecution’s entire case, consisting of a circus of porn stars and National Enquirer tabloid publishers, all comes down to a single phone call that Michael Cohen claims occurred. Cohen claims that he called Trump’s head of security and informed him that the Stormy Daniels hush money payment was all taken care of. That was the prosecution’s entire case. That alleged phone conversation was discussed in the cross-examination:

Not only did the call never happen, but they have his phone records from the night he claimed it happened. There was no recovery from this. Even CNN had to admit this was an absolute train wreck:

Michael Avenatti took to X and wrote, “Cohen’s testimony is a light plane crash with no survivors. When Blanche is done with him, Cohen’s dental records will not be sufficient to identify him. What a disaster for DA Bragg, the prosecution, and all of those on the left who thought Cohen was the ‘savior’”

After the government closes its evidence and the prosecution rests, the defense will move for a directed verdict. They will ask Judge Merchan to end the case before it’s even given to the jury. Jonathan Turley, professor of law at George Washington University, believes that should be the case. The judge should intervene and declare the defendant, Trump, not guilty on the basis that the evidence is insufficient to sustain a conviction.

It goes even deeper than that as there is still total confusion on what the crime is that Trump is being accused of! The original charge was a misdemeanor of falsifying business records by claiming that the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels was a legal expense. The problem is that the statute of limitations ran out on that years ago. The Manhattan DA’s office zapped it back to life by turning it into a felony crime by accusing Trump of falsifying business records to cover up another crime. The problem is that we still don’t know what that other crime is.

It appears that this Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, is counting on the jury to convict Trump simply because of who he is. This is the epitome of a banana republic-style weaponized legalism. They are looking for a crime to convict a man rather than looking for a man to be convicted of a crime. It is an affront to everything that a constitutional republic claims to be.

The left does not believe that Biden can win in November, so they’re trying to take Trump out. Ironically, every time they try to take Trump out, he only ends up getting stronger.

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