Trump To Use Military to DEPORT 20M Illegals!

The far-left media is worried that President Trump means what he says. He is going to institute the largest mass deportation operation in American history. That promise all but guarantees he’s going to win in a landslide!

– Axios is alarmed by plans by a potential new Trump administration to implement the largest deportation operation in American history.

– The plan also involves using a section from the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 to immediately deport migrants with criminal records.

– A majority of voters, including black voters, see the border situation as a crisis and approve of more border wall construction.

The ultra-leftists disguised as journalists in the legacy media are freaking out over plans by the new Trump administration to institution the single largest deportation operation in American history. Axios is sounding the alarm over how Trump’s plan to crack down on immigration includes using a wide range of tools to deport millions of people from the U.S. every single year of his presidency. Trump’s plans include mobilizing the US military as well as law enforcement officers from all levels of government. Upon election, Trump plans to mobilize ICE agents along with the National Guard and state and local law enforcement officers to carry out mass deportations of illegal immigrants.

Legally, he’s planning on applying fast-track deportations which are now reserved for recent crossers encountered near the border. Fast-track deportations would be expanded to apply to anyone who illegally crossed the border and who could not prove they’ve been living in the U.S. for more than the last two years. A new Trump administration would curtail the usual multistep, years-long deportation process by using a section from the Alien and Sedition Act that goes back to 1798 to immediately round up and deport all migrants with criminal records. The US military would build massive sites near the border to hold people awaiting deportation, similar to what’s already happening along the southern border with the Texas National Guard! This plan is very popular with the American people, as echoed by many Republicans. Here is congressional candidate Jim Banks:

The polls are bearing out what he argued there. Axios is reporting on a recent poll that found that 42% of Democrats support mass deportations! 30% of Democrats support ending birthright citizenship, where a baby gets automatic citizenship simply for being born on American soil, which is a key way in which illegals have been getting a foothold into the country, by just making sure they give birth here in the States.

Rasmussen shows that 74% of people say the border situation is a crisis and an invasion. 71% approve of more border wall construction. 63% say border security is a vital national security interest, and 54% say Trump is right about the wall. All of these numbers are among black voters, the most loyal constituency to the Democrat Party. A super-majority of black voters are all in with Trump’s border security policies. The latest New York Times poll just dropped and it is nothing short of utterly devastating for Biden.

He’s not just losing five of the six battleground states, he’s losing by massive margins! Trump is up 13 in Nevada, 9 in Georgia, 6 in Arizona, 3 in Pennsylvania, and 1 in Wisconsin. The New York Times polling consistently overestimated Biden’s support in 2020 by an average of 5 points in the swing states. These numbers are most likely even more devastating. We are seeing this across the board. The numbers coming out of Virginia show that it’s a one-point race. Trump and Biden are statistically tied in Virginia. Biden won Virginia by 10 points in 2020, so this is a double-digit swing to Trump.

Trump is effectively expanding the electoral map. There are reports that the Trump campaign is actively making a play for Virginia and Minnesota. This is a nightmare scenario for Biden. A Survey USA poll that dropped a couple of weeks ago found that Trump and Biden are statistically tied in the ultra-blue state of Minnesota, the lone state that voted for Mondale back in 1984.

We are seeing just how competitive Minnesota is in the Real Clear Politics polling aggregate that averages out all the polling done in Minnesota. Biden is leading by an average of just 2 points. Minority voters, particularly non-white working-class voters, despise open borders. They see open borders as a threat to their access to entry-level jobs, and they want the borders closed and mass deportations. These are traditionally Democrats.

Trump is galvanizing both the rural white working-class vote and the non-white working class vote like never before. He is maximizing the rural white vote while minimizing Biden’s non-white vote. Latinos and blacks are supporting Trump in record numbers because of his immigration and border security policies.

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