-TRUMP has been nominated for Speaker of the House!

-Establishment donors and McCcarthy sycophants are SEETHING!

-Due to certain recent events it seems the PATRIOT caucus is getting everything it wants!

Well, he did it; Florida Representative Matt Gaetz has officially nominated President Trump for speaker of the house! We’re going to look at the status of that nomination, we’re going to uncover the midnight deals that McCarthy is desperately trying to make, and stick with me to the very end when I’ll reveal how this all may pan out in the next 48 hours!

Matt Gaetz, who Steve Bannon has called the de facto speaker of the house based on his masterful leading of the revolt, the ultra-MAGA rebellion, against the establishment, has officially nominated Donald J. Trump for the speaker position! Gaetz took to the floor fiercely denouncing Kevin McCarthy and the uniparty cartel that comprises the DC establishment!

Now shortly after the official nomination, Steve Bannon got fully on board with the plan, suggesting that the Republicans vote for Trump as an interim speaker for the next hundred days:

And to make things even more interesting, President Trump posted on his Truth Social account a picture of him sitting in the speaker’s chair behind Bumblin’ Biden mocking and ridiculing him! The Gateway Pundit is reporting that reliable sources, as they’re calling them, are saying that Trump would consider doing it! He would definitely consider serving as speaker of the house! We’ll obviously have to see how things play out today and possibly into next week! Now, in the meantime, reports are coming out that Kevin McCarthy, who has now just suffered his 11th defeat in a row, has been busy making as many concessions and deals as possible throughout the night.

What’s going on here is that a number of McCarthy supporters are having to leave DC today and for the weekend, for example, one representative has to attend his mother’s funeral, another has a physician’s appointment, and the way voting works in the House of Representatives, is if the total number of representatives shrinks, then the majority needed to win the speakership comparably shrinks; instead of needing 218, McCarthy would only need 216, for example, but that doesn’t help him if the people who are leaving are his supporters! McCarthy DOES need representatives to leave in order to lower the threshold, but NOT among his supporters! So he’s been very busy negotiating, primarily with Chip Roy of Texas. If you don’t know, Roy is really seizing the moment here as the chief negotiator on behalf of the Freedom Caucus, which is the home of the ultra-MAGA representatives, and it looks like they’re getting literally everything they want! They’re getting key positions on every single oversight committee, they’re getting their demand to have only a single member of congress force a no-confidence vote in the speaker, you name it! BUT, the problem of course is that the five or six stalwart members of the Never-McCarthy wing of the Republican Party are making it impossible for McCarthy to get to the 218 votes he needs to be speaker!

Now again, keep in mind, the establishment started this, didn’t they? Remember, it was establishment RINO Republicans who started all of this with their ‘Never Trump’ bs! These are the scumbags who excoriated patriots and conservatives for opposing McCain and Romney, berating us and chastising us for in effect voting for Obama if we refused to support the Republican nominee, you remember all that! Only to turn around and defiantly declare that Trump was fundamentally unacceptable as the Republican nominee! Again, these guys have no soul; they’re the establishment, they live and breathe to govern according to their own values, interests, and concerns at the expense of the values, interests, and concerns of their constituents! So they started this! And now, their Never Trump temper tantrums are coming back to haunt them! Never Trump meet Never McCarthy, Never Swamp, Never Establishment etc. Two can play this game! So what is McCarthy going to do to overcome this Never McCarthy roadblock?

The KEY for McCarthy, as I understand it, is to make every concession possible to the ultra-MAGA wing of the party, and THEN he’s going to have to convince at least one or two of the Never McCarthy Republicans to vote ‘present.’ Now the key there is that present votes lower the total a speaker nominee needs to get in order to win a majority. So there are 434 seats in the House, it’s not 435 because a Democrat representative from Virginia died back in late November and his seat has yet to be filled, so there’s 434 seats voting, and that entails a 218 seat majority, which is basically 50 percent plus one. What voting present does is allows the Never McCarthy’s to remain true to their promise never to vote for him, while at the same time lowering the overall majority threshold that McCarthy would need to win the nomination. So for example, if say six Never McCarthy Republicans voted present, that would mean that the total of voting representatives drops to 428, down 6 from 434. That means that the number of votes McCarthy would need drops from 218 to 215 and if all the concessions and deals that he’s made with the remaining holdouts, the 15 remaining holdouts are persuasive, then McCarthy will win the speaker’s gavel with literally the exact amount of votes needed! So we’ll see how all of this plays out, the next 48 hours are crucial for McCarthy, so we’ll see; but regardless, the ultra-MAGA patriots forces have shown the Swamp they’re here to play ball. They are here to make things happen on behalf of the people, and that promises to make this next congress one of the single most consequential ever!