THIS COULD BE IT for Katie Hobbs!!!

Grassroots support for Kari Lake surges to its highest level yet all as mansion squatter Katie Hobbs has begun to embarrassingly unravel! We’re going to see the latest bombshell evidence from the Kari Lake team, we’re gonna see a little surprise everyone got over the weekend, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when we’ll find out how things are going from bad to worse for Katie Hobbs!

-Kari Lake continues to find MASSIVE EVIDENCE of fraud and malfeasance in her election

-Katie Hobbs continues to be a disaster and embarrassment for Arizona

-This is likely going all the way to the top!

Over the weekend, patriots by the thousands gathered in Scottsdale for the Save Arizona rally featuring the one and only Kari Lake, and in the midst of her amazing presentation, where she dropped a new bombshell, she and everyone else got a wonderful surprise:

That was awesome! Now, in her presentation, Kari dropped some new bombshell evidence about how the election in Maricopa County was clearly tampered with:

Now the MicTec she’s referring to there is the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center and several weeks back, when Richard Baris of the People’s Pundit testified in court on behalf of Kari Lake, he took a picture of a map. This map was hanging on the wall of one of the rooms at MicTec, and it appeared to be a heat map of the MOST Republican areas of Maricopa County. And what they’ve now discovered, and this is the bombshell that Kari Lake dropped this weekend, is that those areas line up, they overlap almost exactly with the areas where they were having all of those tabulator problems!

Now, of course we now know why, at least in part, so many tabulators didn’t work! In their examination of the ballots, Kari Lake’s legal team found that 48 of the 113 ballots they examined were 19-inch ballots produced on 20-inch paper, which caused them to be rejected by the vote tabulator! This size discrepancy, which, according to expert testimony had to be deliberate, is why the tabulators rejected the ballots and why so much chaos ensued on election day, when a mass number of Kari Lake’s voters came out to vote! And more than that, on top of it all, you had upwards of 300 thousand ballots failing the most basic chain of custody protocols:

So, if you’re not familiar with how chain of custody works, just think of how evidence tampering works in the legal sphere. The way you guard against evidence tampering is by accounting for every place the evidence has been throughout the judicial process; so there’s an accounting and verification process where and when the evidence is received, where and when the evidence is taken, where it’s stored, who has access to it! At any point, if that evidence falls out of that verified chain of custody, if clear accounting and verification of the chain of custody is broken, that evidence is now inadmissible, NOT because it DID get tampered with, but because it COULD have been! And so, in a similar manner, this is basically what happened in Maricopa County. The Vote Recorder for Maricopa County, a fellow by the name of Stephen Richer, admitted under oath that Maricopa County did NOT count mail-in ballots at vote centers where they were originally dropped off, as required by Arizona law!

Maricopa County officials have a count of all ballots at the processing center, but not at the original location where the ballots were dropped off! So the key here, which is so fascinating, is that between transporting ballots from location A, where they are originally dropped off, to location B, where they are counted, there IS actually no chain-of-custody record! We have an accurate count of the ballots at location B, but these were ballots that were NOT counted at location A, and so there’s no objective verification for determining whether the amount of ballots at location A is the exact same as in location B; in other words, the NUMBER of ballots could have been tampered with during their transportation from place A to place B! And so that’s what Kari is talking about there with the 300 thousand ballots, mail-in ballots, that broke the chain of custody but were counted anyway!

And as a result, Arizona has perhaps their single most embarrassing governor ever. Unfortunately for the Grand Canyon State, Katie Hobbs is squatting inside the Governor’s mansion, and she is demonstrating herself to be an utterly incompetent embarrassment. If you haven’t heard, one of the things she’s done as governor is she’s put a temporary moratorium on all executions, IRONICALLY, because of Arizona’s supposed mismanagement of executions! And yet, in the midst of all this, she refuses to tell anyone what her position is on the death penalty; take a look at this utter embarrassment:

‘Don’t make me use this boot’; more ironic words have never been said! She’s already a disaster of epic proportions, and the good news about that is that I think it’s going to bring Arizona to a tipping point. As you can see, the grassroots is more inspired, more energized, more organized than ever before! And if what we’ve been seeing over these last several months is any indicator, the best really is yet to come!