RINO Impeachment of Ken Paxton IMPLODES!

If you thought the pathetically partisan lawfare against President Trump is a travesty, wait until you see what’s happening in the state of Texas. We are going to look at the impeachment trial for the patriot Attorney General Ken Paxton and we are going to find out once again why the Republican Party establishment can be just as vile and vicious as the Democrats, and they are emphatically not our friends.

– Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a strong supporter of Trump, is facing accusations of accepting bribes, fraud, and dereliction of duty.

– Many pundits and observers believe the case against Paxton lacks evidence and is a political farce.

– Criticism of Texas Republicans and calls for accountability are growing amid perceptions of corruption.

Senate Republicans in the state of Texas are placing one of their own on trial: Attorney General Ken Paxton, perhaps the single most loyal, pro-Trump patriot Attorney General in the nation, is being accused of accepting bribes, fraud, and dereliction of duty. These accusations emerged right after Paxton started investigating the FBI for corruption. Sadly, the Texas Republican establishment has been hounding Paxton since he first won the Attorney General position several years ago. With the FBI’s help, Paxton was impeached by the Texas House back in May. It was one of the most impulsive impeachments imaginable. There was no investigation or prerequisite impeachment inquiry.

It was clear retribution against Paxton by the Republican establishment. He was impeached during a state legislative session where a Republican supermajority failed to pass key legislative items like border security and school choice. Somehow, enough Republicans came together with Texas Democrats to impeach Ken Paxton. Paxton is as MAGA as they come, and he did something unforgivable among the Republican establishment in Texas: he defeated a Bush. He didn’t just defeat George P. Bush for the Attorney General Republican primary, he humiliated him. Paxton is very popular among Texans. He is a good conservative Christian guy, and he crushed Bush who challenged him for the nomination. The Decision Desk called it 40 minutes after polls closed.

Paxton committed the unpardonable sin among the ruling elite in Texas, he politically killed off the last Bush in power in Texas. Ever since, the whole Bush establishment, with Karl Rove at the center writing his pathetic donor class drivel for the Wall Street Journal, has been out to destroy Paxton. As you can see, they have trumped up all these charges against him, but unfortunately for the prosecution, as you heard at the beginning of the video, evidence for such wrongdoing isn’t just thin, it’s non-existent. The beauty in all of this is that the whole state of Texas is seeing for themselves what a sham this whole thing is.

More pundits are coming out and stating the obvious: this case against Paxton is a farce. They have no case. There is no evidence for all of these accusations they are making against Paxton. That impeachment by the Texas state house over Memorial Day weekend was based entirely on hearsay and innuendo, there wasn’t any actual evidence of any crime committed whatsoever by Paxton. His attorneys last week during the senate trial put on a masterclass of deconstructing fake charges devoid of any evidence.

Paxton should be able to beat this. He just needs two more Texas senators to vote to acquit, and he’s good to go, he already has eight. Texas Republicans are as corrupt and compromised as any Democrat. Tucker recently commented on their Republican governor, Greg Abbott:

If Attorney General Paxton is guilty of bribery and fraud, there would need to be evidence which is so far completely lacking. This is beyond disgusting, and if this is what Texas Republicans have become, then obviously we can see why the Texas nationalist movement that advocates Texit, which involves Texas seceding from the union, is so popular. So many quite rightly see the whole system as incurably corrupt. It’s time to start anew. It’s time for the good people of Texas to start holding their Republican leadership accountable for their actions.

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