The Netherlands Shifting to the Right!

We appear to be seeing the beginning of the restoration even here in the West with the latest election in the Netherlands.

– After five months of negotiations, the Netherlands will have the most right-wing government in Western Europe, led by Geert Wilders and the Dutch Freedom Party.

– The new government plans to implement the strictest immigration and asylum policies in Western Europe.

– Leaders like Wilders, Viktor Orbán, Georgia Meloni, and Marine Le Pen advocate for the return of Christianity to the public square to counter the Islamification of Europe.

There is an amazing development going on in the Netherlands. After 5 months of negotiations to form a coalition government, it appears that the Netherlands will officially have the most rightwing government in Western Europe. Geert Wilders and the Dutch Freedom Party will govern together with 3 other right-wing parties including the new Dutch Farmers Party and the BBB.

The BBB was formed during the Dutch farmers’ protests, which rebelled and revolted against their previous administration’s attempts at imposing WEF restrictions on agriculture production. The BBB stormed parliament, taking over the Dutch senate, and now they are part of an official nationalist-populist coalition that is governing the Netherlands.

The coalition government will represent the strictest measures on immigration, asylum seekers, and refugees in Western Europe. Geert Wilders has been a staunch proponent of border security for years now, and he is perhaps the most vocal opponent of Islam inside of Europe. He said, “The sun is shining again in the Netherlands. We are implementing the strongest asylum policy ever.”

Wilders is a strong ally with other far-right and populist leaders such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, and French opposition leader Marine Le Pen. We are seeing the ascent of what’s called civilizational populism in the West. This is MAGA, the Trump movement here in the States, but in many ways, it’s even bigger in Europe. What’s key here with civilizational populism is that Christianity is once again returning to the public square. Even in the most secularized parts of Europe like Sweden and the Netherlands, Christianity is reemerging as the preeminent principle for the recovery of a distinctively European culture and politics.

Geert Wilders, Jimmie Ockessen, Marine Le Pen, Georgia Meloni, Viktor Orban, and Andrei Duda in Poland are all proclaiming the need for Christianity to return to the public square to provide a bulwark against the Islamification of their respective cultures. Le Pen has a whole apologetic on how the unique form of French secularism, Laïcité, is dependent on Christianity. Christianity provides the church/state distinction upon which Laïcité is grounded. If they get rid of an overt commitment to the supremacy of Christianity in their land and in their hearts, the French will lose their nation to a religion that knows no such sacred/state distinction.

So the Netherlands’ new government is the latest example of yet another Western European nation that is turning and embracing civilizational populism amid a rising civilizationalist world order!

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