Well they just keep coming on in don’t they! BUT there is something strangely missing from the media’s reports! We’re going to look at the latest with the FBI search of Biden’s beach home, we’re going to see what the media is actually omitting from their reports, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when I’ll reveal a new development that may end up bringing the whole Biden crime syndicate down once and for all!

-MORE DOCS FOUND! FBI conducts more searches!

-Notice how differently the media has handled these searches as opposed to those on Trump and his allies!

-Ted Cruz is calling for the search of HUNTERS house now!

We have some breaking news here, the FBI is indeed searching Joe Biden’s Delaware beach house just outside of Rehoboth Beach! My family and I actually go camping right around where his beach house is almost every year, so I know the area quite well. It of course has been confirmed that this search is part of the ongoing investigation into biden’s illegally possessing classified documents that he took, again illegally, as vice president and as senator. Bob Bauer, Biden’s personal attorney, said that Biden was fully cooperating with the Justice Department, and that there was no warrant needed given that the search was consensual, unlike Trump of course! ‘Unlike Trump, there’s a huge massive difference between what happened with Trump and what’s happening with Biden!’ That of course, is the embarrassing narrative of the legacy media! The obvious difference between the two is that trump had the authority, the unique presidential authority, to declassify anything he wants to, as the duly elected president of the United States and as chief executive over the United States government, whereas Biden, as a lackey vice president or senator, had no such authority! That’s the fundamental difference between the two that you’ll never ever hear from the lamestream legacy media!

But there’s something else that’s rather odd about the media’s reports on the FBI search, something EXTREMELY odd! Are you noticing something missing from all of this? Several rather astute observers are noticing a very strange absence in the media’s reporting of all of this! Perhaps a stroll along memory lane will wake up our senses here: You of course remember scenes like this one from August 8th of last year; how could you not? They were played 24/7 on cable news media outlets. We together watched in real time, for the very first time in our nation’s history, a former president’s home being raided by the FBI! The legacy media was hardly shy in blasting images of that raid across our screens, accompanied by their absurd commentary cheerleading the efforts of our deep state to rid our nation of this enemy to democracy!

Or perhaps you remember this:

Now, forgive me if I seem a bit incredulous here, but where is that exclusive coverage now? Why is the search of Biden’s home in Rehoboth Beach being reported to us by quote ‘numerous sources’? Why wasn’t CNN there live on the scene when FBI agents first showed up? I mean, after all, this was consensual, as they keep telling us. And why is it Biden’s lawyer announcing this? Why isn’t the Justice Department announcing this? Rick Grennell has the same questions, he tweeted out: ‘Why isn’t @CBSNews live with this? Are you racing to his house to do Breaking News cut-ins?’ Kate Hyde wants to know: ‘Did they show up at 4am with @CNN?’ and of course, the answer to all of this is, no, not even remotely! Actually, it’s even worse than that: the same Justice Department that the Biden administration is cooperating so much with, allowed Biden to schedule and consent to every FBI search thus far, and what a coincidence! It just so happens that Biden and his team were allowed to stay at the beach house in question the weekend before this search! Again, something the legacy media isn’t telling you! And there’s something else the legacy media isn’t telling, something that may end up bringing the whole Biden crime syndicate down!

Senator Ted Cruz is calling for Hunter Biden’s home to be searched for classified documents! This is a huge development, because it comes on the heels of a bombshell report from the New York Post, that discovered a curious email on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop! This is a screenshot of a very strange email, it’s dated April 13, 2014 a week before Joe Biden visited Ukraine. It consists of 22-points outlining the Ukrainian political situation, with extraordinarily detailed information about the upcoming election there and predicting the escalation of a Russian destabilization campaign. It lists out concerns about how such would affect the UK and sanctions that the US was most likely going to levy against Russia. When compared with Hunter’s other emails, there’s simply no other correspondence like this; it’s wholly unique. It reads just like an intelligence report, replete with extraordinary strategic detail! And we now know that some of those classified files stashed in Biden’s home dealt with Ukraine!

So all that’s needed here is to compare the contents of those files with the contents of that email, and BOOM! You’ve got the biggest national security scandal imaginable blowing up the Biden crime syndicate! So now we’re beginning to see Republicans in congress demand the justice department to search Hunter’s house. It may of course be too late, he may have gotten rid of any evidence that he has, but considering how utterly stupid and moronic he was with his own laptop, I wouldn’t put anything past Hunter! He has certainly been the gift that keeps on giving! Obviously we’ll keep an eye on how things develop here, but, what can we say, the media continues to demonstrate itself completely compromised to accurately mediate reliable information. They are indeed partisan cheerleaders and increasingly discredited ones at that!