Katie Hobbs RECALL Begins as Kari Lake FIGHTS BACK!

-Polls show Kari Lake with STUNNING popularity in Arizona

-Sinema’s flip to independent could get us a SENATOR Kari Lake

-The tools are there to FIX Arizona FOREVER!

Kari Lake just got some amazing news as efforts to impeach Katie Hobbs have already begun! We’re going to look at the latest bombshell, we’re going to see precisely why Katie Hobbs is beginning her term already as a total failure, and analyze how we can make sure the Election Day shenanigans in Maricopa County never happen again!

A new poll that just came out from Public Policy Polling shows that were the 2024 senate race in AZ held today, Kari Lake would indeed win in a three-way race! If you’ll recall, Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced several weeks back that she was officially leaving the Democrat Party to run as an Independent. What this has done is it has left the senate seat in Arizona, which is up for election in 2024, particularly vulnerable, in that the Democrats are planning on running their own candidate, which is promising to have the effect of splitting the vote on the left, giving the Republicans a clear ‘divide and conquer’ opportunity! The poll was pretty devastating for Sinema, she actually came in dead last, behind the hypothetical match-up with Democrat Representative Ruben Gallego, who came in second to Kari Lake! Kari clearly has an opening here if her legal appeals regarding her Gubernatorial candidacy don’t work out! Kari has promised that, if necessary, she’s going to take this all the way to the Supreme Court, so we still have a way to go here with her legal challenges, but were those to fail, Kari is obviously not going away, in fact, it looks like we may ALL be the beneficiaries of a SENATOR Kari Lake who can take the patriot fight to Washington DC, which of course would be amazing!

If that’s going to happen, she’s going to need to address the myriad of irregularities and improprieties that we all witnessed on election day in Maricopa County, and there IS a solution to it, we have a proven ballot harvesting strategy that’s won in the Bluest of Blue states and in two elections in-a row. However, first, I want to talk about the efforts to begin proceedings to impeach Katie Hobbs! We have to remember that Republicans control both legislative chambers in AZ, and so there’s already a Twitter campaign to pressure Republicans to call a special session, do their own investigation into the Election Day shenanigans, and then impeach Hobbs and throw her out of office! Now, admittedly, that is a very tall order given the amount of RINOs that dominate the AZ Republican Party! Remember, Republican Governor and leading-RINO Doug Doocey completely ignored and discounted any hint of impropriety on election day, and was one of the first to congratulate Hobbs on her so-called ‘win.’ So a full impeachment is a tall order indeed for such feckless RINO Republicans. Remember, the AZ Republican Party was inordinately shaped and molded by John McCain, who was the RINO par excellence, and they worked together with Democrats to make sure that any and all MAGA candidates were defeated! So we’re not going anywhere with them! Instead, our hopes are going to be more realized with the mass recall effort to get rid of Katie Hobbs that’s already under way!

According to AZ law, after the Governor has served for six months, a recall petition can be submitted, which has to include a certain amount of signatures in relation to the total number of voters in the last election. Well those efforts at amassing such signatures have already begun! An organization called Arizona Citizens has begun the process of collecting over 600 thousand signatures to recall Hobbs as soon as legally possible. The irony in all of this of course is that: if the very process by which Hobbs assumed office was suspect, she HERSELF has inescapably undermined the legitimacy of her administration! In literally every single respect, Katie Hobbs has completely undermined any shred of legitimacy for her tenure! But of course, all of this raises the question: how are we going to expel her from office when there are so many election shenanigans to contend with in Maricopa County?

The single best proven strategy out there for combating Democrat and RINO election shenanigans is what’s called the SoCal Ballot Harvesting initiative! The Southern California Republican party has mastered the ballot harvesting process to such a point that they have dominated back-to-back elections; they’ve won two elections in a row! 2020 and 2022! Back in 2020, CA Republicans began employing the same ballot harvesting strategies that Democrats use with their constituencies. They made conservative evangelical churches their absentee ballot-centers, they put drop boxes in the middle of all the conservative churches throughout their districts, the parishioners were instructed on how to sign the ballot, both the ballot and the envelope had to be signed for signature matching and verification. The church elders in turn, took the drop boxes directly to the register of voters! So the whole process is streamlined, with a clear chain of custody protocol being followed!

The result is that back in 2020, we came within just a handful of seats of winning back the House, we picked up 15 seats, and a significant portion of those 2020 seat flips came from California! JUST LIKE what we saw in 2022! The majority of the wins that gave Republicans control of congress came from California where they utilized this SoCal ballot harvesting strategy! One republican strategist reported that back in 2020, Republicans used a drop box to collect over 12 thousand ballots from one single church alone in Southern California! Now given that Katie Hobbs ‘won’ by 17 thousand votes, literally one church can make a difference! And THAT is what patriots are going to have to do in their recall effort to get rid of Hobbs, and that of course is what Kari Lake is going to have to do in 2024 if she runs for senate! If Republicans master ballot harvesting, as well as utilizing Steve Bannon’s precinct strategy so that they’re the ones counting the votes, then we should be unbeatable for the foreseeable future!