-Jordan Peterson is being threatened with having his Psychology License REVOKED!

-Canada has gone full authoritarian

-This is just the actualization of a total woke spectrum!

It appears that Canadian thought police are indeed coming for Jordan Peterson! He’s actually being threatened with losing his license to practice psychology unless he agrees to attend a reeducation camp! You can’t make this stuff up!

On Tuesday, January 3rd, the internationally renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson tweeted out a bombshell revelation that the Ontario College of Psychologists has indeed demanded that he submit himself to what he called ‘mandatory social-media communication retraining’ which, as the term implies, is clearly a form of re-education! Among the supposed crimes he committed were retweets of the Conservative Party leader Pierre Polievre, as well as tweets critical of the Canadian soy-boy prime minister Justin Trudeau, one of the most prominent international embarrassments on the planet! The Twitter thread went on to note: ‘I have been accused of harming people (although none of the complainants involved in the current action were clients of mine, past or present, or were even acquainted with any of my clients.’) ….‘I am to take a course of such training (with reports documenting my “progress”) or face an in-person tribunal and suspension of my right to operate as a licensed clinical psychologist.’… ‘We are now in a situation in Canada under Justin Trudeau where practicing professionals can have their livelihoods and public reputations threatened in a very serious manner for agreeing with the Official Opposition and criticizing major government figures.’ And yes, that would certainly seem to be the case; this is clearly a very chilling development in Canada and indeed in Western so-called democracies that scholars have recognized are becoming increasingly dictatorial and despotic, for reasons we’ll get into in a moment!

Needless to say, Peterson is hardly intimidated, he’s not giving in to any of this absurdity for a single second, and the good news is that the response to this woke authoritarianism has been swift and very, very adamantly opposed to this tribunal, as it were! The Editorial Board at the Wall Street Journal just published a scathing rebuke of the College of Psychologists saying: ‘Professional bodies are supposed to ensure that practitioners are competent, not enforce political orthodoxies or act as language police outside the office. But that’s the trend in Western medical associations and beyond. The Law Society of Ontario had pushed a mandatory diversity pledge for all lawyers until a members’ revolt took over the board and nixed the pledge in 2019. At the time, an Ontario lawyer objected to the “ever-expanding mission to socially engineer the

profession.”’And that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing, particularly in the realm of the universities and by extension, the credentialed professional class!

More and more, fidelity to woke, ultra-Marxist ideology has replaced professional competence as the standard for achieving and maintaining accreditation. The University of London scholar Eric Kaufmann published a very important study back in 2021 that detailed the frightening increase in political censorship on college campuses. Kaufmann makes a distinction between what he called ‘hard authoritarianism’ and ‘soft authoritarianism’ on college campuses. Hard authoritarianism involves the explicit punishment of an academic’s work or speech, precisely what we’re seeing with the threats against Jordan Peterson. For example, Kaufmann found in the surveys that he conducted, over 4 in 10 US and Canadian academics would not hire a Trump supporter, and 1 in 3 British academics would not hire a Brexit supporter. Soft authoritarianism involves more subtle forms of viewpoint and political discrimination as well as acts of self-censorship. So for example, nearly 70 percent of American and Canadian academics said that they would feel uncomfortable having lunch with someone who opposed transgender ideology. In the social sciences and humanities, over 9 in 10 Trump-supporting academics and 8 in 10 Brexit-supporting academics say they would not feel comfortable expressing their views to a colleague. More than half of North American and British conservative academics admit self-censoring in research and teaching.

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The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education maintains a database of a growing trend to deplatform and disinvite conservative academics to university campuses. Since the year 2000, disinvitations and deplatformings among conservative academics surged to nearly 200 incidents, and they’ve been increasingly getting worse. Of the 192 disinvitations since 2000, 114, more than 50 percent, have happened since 2009, in just over the last 10 years! Moreover,the National Association of Scholars maintains a database of primarily American academics who have experienced campaigns calling for their dismissal, and found that while there were only 4 incidents of such in 2015 and 2016, it rose to a whopping 65 in 2020. Across the pond, a report by Civitas in December of 2020 discovered that over half (53%) of all 137 British universities experienced demands for censoring speech around alleged “transphobic” episodes, again, something very similar to what Jordan Peterson is being accused of by the Ontario College of Psychologists. But it gets worse! What Kaufmann found was that among current PhD students, they were far more likely to support the firing of a professor if he or she held views contrary to woke orthodoxy! Kaufmann found that nearly 75 percent, you heard that right, 75 percent of current PhD students would support ousting a professor who opposed woke leftist sentiments! So that means that the next generation of professors are going to be even worse than the current generation!

The GOOD news is that trust in the universities has absolutely imploded among the American public! According to Gallup, confidence in our universities has dropped 9 points since 2015, to now under 50 percent, and with the increasing wokeness on campus, we can expect that number to implode even further! So that’s the good news; long term, this woke authoritarianism is simply unsustainable; universities are going to suffer big time when it comes to their pocketbooks. We’ve already seen a record number of colleges collapse and shut their doors permanently! The numbers are astonishing! Nearly 900 colleges have closed since 2004, and nearly 10 thousand campuses have been shut down during the same time period! So in the end, the jokes on this College of Psychologists in Ontario. Far from threatening Jordan Peterson, their actions are only putting their own future at risk!