Boys Exit Girls Championship Following Parent Uproar!

Parents are finally fighting back against the trans insanity in their schools, and we’re going to see how they’re rising up and standing in the gap left by pathetic woke sports organizations.

– Two transgender high school runners in California, Athena Ryan and Lorelei Barrett, defeated biological female athletes in qualifying races, sparking controversy.

– Parents in California are protesting against the participation of transgender athletes, arguing that it is unfair to biological female athletes.

– Many sports organizations are implementing policies barring transgender athletes from women’s sports to prioritize fairness and integrity.

A trans high school runner in California, a biological male, boasted about a new personal best when competing against girls. Last week, the transgender runner, Athena Ryan, knocked female runner Adeline Johnson back to 4th place in their qualifying race, effectively pushing the female runner out of contention for the state championship, a race she would have qualified for had she been competing against her fellow biological female runners.

But Athena Ryan wasn’t the only biological male to dash the hopes of hard-working female athletes that day. Lorelei Barrett also denied a biological female the chance to qualify for their state championships.

The media and athletic elite are all in on this. They simply can’t gush enough over their narcissistic virtue-signaling inclusiveness with these trans athletes. It looks like parents have had enough! It’s now being reported that those two biological males have chosen not to participate in the California State Preliminary Track and Field Championship. Their decision to withdraw came in the wake of a mounting backlash and massive protests from parents against their participation. Parents in California, one of the bluest of blue states in the nation, are pushing back against woke activism and saying, ‘Enough! We’ve had it! This is unfair, and we’re not going to stand by and watch all our daughters’ hard work and sacrifice get stolen from them like this!’

If parents thought that they were going to get the support of sports organizations like the California Interscholastic Federation, the governing body for high school sports in California, they were in for a rude awakening. The CIF publicly denounced these parents and their supposedly discriminatory and harassing behavior. The CIF is the odd man out here. The reality is that athletic organizations around the world have begun banning biological males from competing against biological females.

Most recently, the World Athletics Council, the governing body for international track and field competitions, has announced that they have officially barred all transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports competitions. It’s being reported that the council’s policy, which went into effect in April, deliberately prioritizes the fairness and integrity of female competition over transgender inclusion. That’s the key to what’s happening here.

Two values that are important to liberals, fairness and inclusion, are clashing against each other with this issue of trans athletes competing in female sports. If this inclusion is prioritized in this issue, the competition will no longer be fair. When it comes to sports competitions, if you don’t have fairness, you’ve destroyed the whole point of the competition.

This decision comes on the heels of a comparable decision from the swimming world’s international governing body known as FINA, which stands for the International Swimming Federation. Several months ago, they decisively ruled that post-pubescent biological males would be banned without exception from competing in women’s swimming competitions. This, of course, became a major issue with swimmer Lia Thomas.

Thomas was widely touted by our fawning leftwing media as ‘making history’ by becoming the first openly transgender athlete to win a Division 1 National Championship. Thomas, who is a biological male, won the championship by beating Emma Weyant who was a silver medalist in the recent Tokyo Olympics. She has posted some of the fastest times in collegiate sports and was all-but guaranteed gold at the National Championships, but had to resign herself to a silver medal because the NCAA decided to allow Thomas, a male, to compete in women’s swimming.

While Weyant has consistently competed at the highest level among her fellow female swimmers, Lia Thomas was ranked 554th when competing against males. Because American institutions right now are so radically infested with the absurdities of ideological wokeness, the ultimate decision on what to do about transgender athletes fell onto the international organization FINA, and they made the definitive judgment that all transgender athletes who have gone through puberty as males are officially banned from women’s swimming competitions!

All these parents in California are doing is stepping up and enforcing what international sports bodies have already decided. These parents in California are admirable for stepping up and doing what should have been the job of California’s sports organizations who have instead been infested with the debilitating effects of ideological wokeness. Patriot parents are getting the job done and saving women’s sports!

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