Black Teens on Vehicle Rampage Hit Car & Ram Cyclist, Killing Former Police Chief

In a deeply distressing and intentional act of violence, the reoccurring issue of criminality amongst black people has resulted in atrocity. Two teenagers, driven by what appears to be a disturbing mindset of degeneracy and white hate, embarked on a vehicular crime spree of targeting both other cars and a lone cyclist. Tragically, the cyclist they intentionally ran died due to their horrific stunt.

In this damning footage, the 17-year-old driver can be heard planning the assault, while his companion, seemingly devoid of empathy, records the impending tragedy on his mobile phone from within the car. The cruelty of their laughter juxtaposed with the imminent loss of life is an embodiment of the darkest depths humanity can reach, especially when motivated by a society increasingly emboldening young black men to act this way.

Andreas Probst, a 64-year-old retired police officer, was the unfortunate victim of this grotesque act as he innocently cycled along that evening.

Struck from behind by the speeding car, Probst was left with no chance to escape the impending disaster. He was swiftly transported to a local hospital, where medical professionals delivered the heart-wrenching verdict of his demise. The community and nation mourn the loss of a man who had dedicated his life to the public, serving as a California police chief for many years, only to meet a disgusting end at the hands of youthful recklessness.

Greg Gutfeld, a Fox News commentator, aptly described the incident as nothing short of “a public execution,” drawing attention to the heinous nature of this crime and the need for justice.

The release of this chilling video served as a critical piece of evidence, leading to the arrest of the 17-year-old driver and his subsequent transfer to the Juvenile Detention Centre. However, one disconcerting aspect of this tragedy is the apparent lack of charges against the passenger, who not only filmed this fatal accident but seemed to actively encourage the driver in this horrific act.

This incident urges us to confront a pressing issue—how do we, as a society, tackle this growing trend of encouraged brutality against the national image bearers of this nation?

This wicked act should serve as a resounding call to address the undercurrents of violence that is widespread among the black community. The callousness of their actions is seared into our collective consciousness, hopefully searing far enough to invoke change.

Preston Parra is a Contributor for Turley Talks.

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