Big Pharma Is Losing BILLIONS!

Big Pharma is imploding! Just months after achieving over $100 billion dollars of record profits, the Big Pharma companies are now hemorrhaging revenue.

– Pfizer reported a $2.4 billion loss for Q3, with only 2% of the population getting the latest booster shot, leading to a 40% drop in its shares for the year.

– A report by the Daily Mail reveals a Fauci-run lab in Montana conducted experiments with coronaviruses just a year before the global COVID outbreak.

– We are seeing a decline in the era of COVID-related restrictions due to the fall of both Big Pharma and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Yesterday Pfizer reported its first quarterly loss since 2019. Pfizer recorded a 2.4 billion dollar loss for Q3, as only 2% of the population bothered to get the latest booster shot. Shares for Pfizer are down nearly 40% for the year, and their total revenue for the third quarter was down 42% from Q3 of last year. Revenue from the Covid vaccine is down 70%.

They are actually par for the course for Big Pharma right now. Johnson and Johnson is on the verge of bankruptcy as the result, not only of their vaccine having a number of adverse reactions, but also their talcum powder allegedly has cancer links. Big Pharma companies are poised to lose upwards of nearly $27 billion in revenue this year. It is not hard to see why.

Earlier this year, Rasmussen conducted a survey of over 1,000 adults. nearly 1 in 3, 28% claimed they knew someone they think died from COVID-19 vaccines. 49% of those surveyed believed that it was likely that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths. Not surprisingly, 28% of them believe it is very likely that is the case. These public perceptions are happening against the background of an increasing number of official and scholarly investigations into possible adverse reactions to the vaccinations, such as the 2021 investigations by Japanese scientists into the causal relationship between vaccine usage and deaths.

So-called vaccine hesitancy is not limited to the population of the United States. Reuters is reporting that China has been having a huge problem with anti-vaxxers, as the number of boostered citizens has dropped dramatically. While 90% of the Chinese population is reported to be vaccinated, the number that have chosen to get the boosters has dropped to about half of that. The primary reason cited for not getting the booster is people increasingly don’t trust the vaccines.

That distrust is symptomatic of a far deeper distrust of people like Dr. Fauci and others who were at the heart of the disastrous lockdown policies. The Daily Mail has just published a bombshell report that a Fauci-run lab in Montana, a taxpayer-funded National Institute of Health lab, reportedly conducted experiments on coronaviruses just a year before the global outbreak of COVID.

According to the report, the NIH infected 12 fruit bats with a SARS-like virus at a Montana lab back in 2018. The coronavirus that was used to infect the bats was shipped from the very same Wuhan laboratory where a number of scientists and investigators believe the pandemic originated.

The 2018 experiment was carried out by the NIH’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana, and it was a lab overseen by one Anthony Fauci, the former now-disgraced National Institutions of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director. This revelation is the latest in a series of revelations that have drastically undermined confidence and trust in our national health institutions. We now know that Anthony Fauci did know of the plausibility of the lab leak origin of the virus all the while actively silencing any attempts to verify such a source.

It has been revealed that as early as January 31st, 2020, Fauci had received an email from the head of the nation’s largest biomedical research facility warning Fauci that Covid was possibly engineered, coming from a lab rather than from a wet market. The question of Covid’s lab-origin was front-and-center with Fauci and the NIH from the very beginning of the pandemic.

Given that the NIH funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan, there appears to have been very deliberate efforts to downplay that origins theory so as to cover up that funding. We now know, based on internal emails that have been made available to the public, that Fauci actively sought to silence, discredit, and shut down the Barrington proposal, which was a declaration signed by a number of notable scientists in the States and Britain calling for an end to the lockdowns.

As we all now know, Fauci and others deliberately implemented a national lockdown modeled after China’s draconian response. They did everything they could to disparage and dismiss the Barrington proposal as anti-science. The actions of Fauci and others like Francis Collins have resulted in literally catastrophic consequences. They have done more to undermine the integrity of our national health institutions than anything any so-called anti-vaxxer could ever have done. With the fall of both Big Pharma and Fauci, it looks like the tyrannical era of COVID is mercifully coming to a final and just end!

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