Putin and Xi Are Remaking The WORLD!

new civilizational world order continues to take shape. Russian President Vladimir Putin is in China this week on an official visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The two world leaders pledged to deepen their strategic partnership which they declared several months ago as limitless!

– Putin’s visit to China, marked by military pageantry, emphasizes the strengthening alliance between Russia and China.

– The US sanctions against Russia have driven Russia to strengthen ties with non-sanctioning nations like China and India.

– This transitional period, postnormality, is marked by turbulence and leftwing insanities but signifies the rise of a conservative civilizational age.

Putin, whose delegation includes top defense and security officials, was welcomed by Xi to Beijing’s Great Hall of the People earlier with full military pageantry, heralding the start of the Russian president’s two-day state visit.

CNN is reporting that a sweeping joint statement released by the two leaders laid out their countries’ alignment on a host of issues including energy, trade, security, and geopolitics with specific references to Ukraine, Taiwan, and the conflict in the Middle East. This visit was extremely significant as this was President Putin’s first overseas official visit since being inaugurated for his new term as Russia’s president.

China is now officially Russia’s number one ally. It is Henry Kissinger’s nightmare come true. He was centered on splitting apart China from Russia, which he was very successful in doing. For decades, China was seen as the good guy here in the States because China became the major trade partner of the United States. It wasn’t until Trump in 2016 and his foregrounding of how China takes advantage of the United States that suddenly China started becoming the bad guy.

What drove Russia and China together was Bumblin’ Biden and the weaponization of the US-led globalized financial system. Immediately after the US and the EU sanctioned the central bank of the Russian Federation and weaponized the economic system of the liberal international order against Russia, Russia responded by requiring all nations sanctioning them to pay for Russian exports, particularly fuel and fertilizer. Those Russian exports only ended up going through the roof! This is because Russia turned to the East, particularly to non-sanctioning nations like China and India, to sell their commodities, and demand for Russian oil and gas skyrocketed.

The high prices of commodities further contributed to the strength of the ruble, all the while oil and gas trade hit an all-time high. Moreover, Russia weaned itself off from SWIFT, the worldwide financial transaction system that had been weaponized against Russia. Russia instead began using China’s alternative financial transaction platform called CIPS as a substitute. Likewise, when Visa and Mastercard sanctioned Russia, Russians turned to their credit card system, known as the Rusky Mir, used all over the Russian world, which suddenly surged in popularity especially as it was linked up to China’s Visa and Mastercard substitute, the Union Pay System

Russia today is in many respects stronger, cleaner, more economically prosperous, and more vibrant than our own country, even when our government has been telling us the opposite. That’s why so much of the rest of the world is moving closer to Russia and farther away from us and the aristocratic lunatics who are running our institutions. Now, because of these people running things in the West, we have the top natural resources exporter in the world, Russia, teaming up with the top manufacturer in the world, China.

China accounts for 30% of the world’s manufacturing, by far the largest global share. China is the top trading partner with the vast majority of countries in the world. A single Chinese ship-building port builds more ships than all of the United States shipping manufacturing ports combined. Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and they are now aligning with the largest military in the world in China!

What we are seeing this week in Beijing is the rise of a civilizational world order. We are seeing nothing less than the great ancient civilizations of the past, in kaiju-like fashion, rising from the depths below and returning in all of their splendor all over the world: Orthodox Russia, Confucian China, Hindu Nationalist India, Shinto Japan, Ottoman Turkey, Continental Africanism, Shiite Persia, and, yes, even in Europe and the United States, we’re seeing a renewed Christian civilizational rising, what scholars often refer to as civilizational populism.

This is dramatically changing the world order into a far more nationalist, populist, traditionalist, civilizationalist world that is increasingly replacing a dying secular liberal globalist order. In a sense, the globalist institutions are rotting out and populations are increasingly turning away from them. The world over which these institutions once ruled is reterritorializingand populations are increasingly returning to nation, culture, custom, and tradition, and reclaiming their regions away from globalist institutions.

In the interim between the death of the old globalist world and the full rise of this new civilizationalist world, we are living in a very tenuous and turbulent time where nothing seems to make any sense. This is what scholars call postnormalitywhich describes this unique interim period between the no longer and the not yet. Our current predicaments of leftwing insanities and tyrannies are part of a rising conservative civilizational age.

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