#BanThe ADL Hits #1 Trending on X!

While many patriots recognize the game changer that was Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, the specter of censorship has not fled from the new realm of X just yet. Many commentators were blackpilling about a recent tweet from ADL leader and the world’s foremost censorship advocate Jonathan Greenblatt. Greenblatt said that he had just met with new X CEO Linda Yaccarino and “had a very frank + productive conversation” about “where [X] needs to go to address hate effectively on the platform”. He has since deleted the tweet after #BanTheADL has gotten nearly 100k tweets as of the writing of this article!

Linda Yaccarino herself is someone that nobody was excited about as she seems to be just another standard corporate lackey, however meeting with the ADL, an organization which has made its stated goal to mobilize advertiser boycotts explicitly against free speech on X to bring the platform to financial ruin, is a really bad look. Thankfully for Elon Musk, thousands of patriotic, free speech activists on X were able to inform him of the nefarious nature of the ADL and show that if anybody deserves to be banned, it’s these clowns. #BanTheADL made it to #1 on X’s trending tab on August 31st, 2023 and Musk himself even got involved! It turns out that the ADL does not just offend the sensibilities of Americans with their anti free speech activism, but clearly seeks to perpetuate an anti-Christian and anti-White climate in the west in general. Elon Musk replied with his trademark “!!” upon revelation that Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL make it a point to deny and downplay the systemic genocide and demonization of White Boer farmers in South Africa.

The ADL organized a boycott of Facebook when Mark Zuckerberg refused to take down Trump’s anti-looting posts during the George Floyd BLM riots and openly lobbied for Trump’s ban from Twitter in the aftermath of January 6th. Basically every week Tucker Carlson was on the air on Fox News the ADL tried to get him taken off the air for talking about the Great Replacement. Something that groups like the ADL openly discuss as a good thing but the moment it is discussed as a negative it is suddenly a “conspiracy theory”. In fact Elon Musk even liked the aforementioned tweet about the ADL’s attempts to silence Tucker. One of Tucker’s greatest segments on Fox called out the ADL for its rank hypocrisy in supporting mass demographic replacement of White people in western countries while openly supporting the maintenance of Israel as a Jewish ethnostate.

The ADL considers the phrases “It’s OK to Be White” and “White Lives Matter” to be “hate symbols”. They also consider the phrase “Jesus is King” to be “thinly veiled antisemitism”. I guess we can assume that Jonathan Greenblatt and everyone at the ADL believes that it IS NOT OK to be White, that White Lives DO NOT matter, and that Christianity itself is worthy of condemnation. As pointed out by the fantastic Harrison Smith of Infowars, if you simply take the ADL’s own verbiage about White people and replace it with “Jews” then one finds themselves in violation of the terms of service…

So is the ADL a reputable institution that only recently fell to a woke mind virus? Or does this issue go back much further than the Great Awokening? Well it turns out that from its inception in 1913, the ADL has peddled in libel, censorship, and even advocacy for pedophile rapists. Irish nationalist and X poster extraordinaire Keith Woods breaks down the Leo Frank murder case and how the ADL sought to frame an innocent Black janitor for the horrendous rape and murder of the 13 year old Mary Phagan despite the obvious guilt of Leo Frank who happened to be Jewish. Despite being convicted by a jury containing no less than 5 Jews, the ADL saw the verdict as nothing more than antisemitism. Keith breaks down the whole story:

This origin story helps paint a better picture of this organization that claims to only want to fight hate. Is “fighting hate” why they claim any criticism of George Soros is “distressing & dangerous”? The ADL has openly expressed opposition to the “Christianization of America” all while openly admitting to holding extreme influence and effectively having infiltrated all major social media company’s and media outlets, and openly use this vast influence to bully not just companies like X but even sovereign nations like Iceland. Jonathan Greenblatt and the others at the ADL have made it very clear that they hold open disdain for Christians and White Americans AND have made it a goal of theirs to financially damage X Corp. BECAUSE of its explicit free speech policies. These facts alone make it more than reasonable and justified to #BanTheADL!

UPDATE: Due to unrelenting pressure from the free speech masses on Twitter (almost no mainstream accounts boosted #BanTheADL) Elon Musk responded to Keith Woods and acknowledged that the “ADL has tried very hard to strangle X/Twitter.” Perhaps we will see the ADL banned! At the very least we can hope that whatever promises Linda Yaccarino made to Mr. Greenblatt will be thoroughly scrutinized!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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