5 BIG Scandals to Watch in 2023!!!

-Fauci is in the hot seat this year!

-Elon Musk is only getting started!

-The Republican House will lead us to some juicy revelations!

2022 was a year of scandal and bombshell revelations, but some are so big, what we’ve learned thus far promises to be just the beginning! With Republicans taking over congress and oversight committees, here are the five major scandals to keep your eye on in 2023!

Scandal #5: The Fauci Files

As of the making of this video, Elon Musk has yet to drop the bomb he’s calling “the Fauci Files,” but we DO have the transcript from his recent deposition that contained plenty of revelations! As many of you know, Fauci was interviewed under oath for a reported seven hours a few weeks back as part of numerous lawsuits against the Biden administration filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. And what do you know, surprise, surprise, Mr Cocky, or should say, Dr Cocky, the guy who supposedly has all the answers to the world’s contagions, suddenly suffered a severe lack of recallthroughout the seven hour deposition! Jeff Landry, the Louisiana Attorney General, who’s also part of the lawsuit tweeted out: ‘Wow! It was amazing to spend 7 hours with Dr. Fauci. The man who single-handedly wrecked the U.S. economy based upon quote “the science.” Only to discover that he can’t recall practically anything dealing with his Covid response!’ Fauci reportedly denied knowing anything about the proxy funding of dangerous gain-of-function research on viruses by the National Institutes of Health, even though we have emails that indicate otherwise! AND it was revealed that Fauci along with Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, actively sought to discredit and shut down what was called the Great Barrington Declaration, a proposal published in 2020 by eminent medical experts from the most prestigious universities in both the US and the UK, that argued for a far less extreme, more scientifically orthodox way of dealing with the virus. So needless to say, the laundry list of the Fauci Files continues to get longer every month, and I’m sure people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Republican congress are going to have fun probing that growing list in their investigations!

Scandal #4: Collusion Between the Deep State and Big Tech!

This sick partnership between Big Government and Big Tech was of course exposed by Elon Musk dropping the so-called Twitter Files! We now know, through internal documents and emails, that our government paid Twitter millions of dollars to censor information from the public. And of course, it wasn’t just Twitter; Mark Zuckerberg admitted to Joe Rogan that Facebook was completely compliant with the demands issued by the FBI regarding censoring information that was damaging to the establishment! As it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg; we’ve learned recently, thanks to Meranda Devine of the New York Post, that Facebook has actually been spying on the private messages and data of American users and in turn reporting them to the FBI if they expressed what Facebook called ‘anti-government or anti-authority sentiments,’ this according to sources within the Department of Justice! According to the New York Post’s bombshell report, under the FBI collaboration operation, somebody at Facebook red-flagged these supposedly subversive private messages over the past 19 months and transmitted them in redacted form to, and I kid you not, the DOMESTIC TERRORISM unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. Blowing the top off this collusion between Big Tech and Big Government promises to be a major scandal uncovered throughout 2023!

Scandal #3: Deep State’s 2020 Election Interference!

Several weeks back, Elon Musk made a slew of emails and internal communications within Twitter available to Substack journalist Matt Tie-bee and former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss, revealing the inner workings of how Twitter employees, Democrat politicians, and deep state operatives colluded together to inordinately affect the outcome of the 2020 election. This was done most explicitly by deliberately suppressing the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop bombshell that exploded on the scene in October of that year! According to a poll conducted by the Media Research Center, 16 percent of voters who were unaware of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and all the myriad of ways it implicated Sleepy Joe say that they would have voted differently if they had known about this story THAT WAS BURIED BY BIG TECH PLATFORMS LIKE TWITTER under the instigation of FBI officials! We also now have evidence that Twitter employees did, in fact, inordinately censor President Trump’s tweets while at the same time propping up Biden’s tweets during the 2020 election; and again, all while Twitter was actively and intentionally suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell! And so, ironically, the inner workings of the 2020 election refuse to go away, and promise to be a major issue going into 2023!

Scandal #2: FBI Corruption!

As of now, upwards of 20 whistleblowers from WITHIN the FBI have all come out testifying to the rampant political corruption within the ranks of the agency! Among the number of bombshells, the FBI has been exaggerating the threats of what they have termed domestic terrorism, using the J6 investigation as a pretext to harass conservatives and patriots in general! To make matters even worse, the FBI was apparently moving agents off of child sexual abuse investigations precisely in order to investigate and punish the Democrats’ political opponents! As part of this transition, they were explicitly told that, “child sexual abuse investigations were no longer an FBI priority.” And of course, given what we now know about the FBI’s role in censorship and suppression, this is all just the tip of the iceberg of their incessant corruption, an iceberg that promises to get exposed by Republican oversight committees in the coming months!

Scandal #1: The Biden Crime Family!

When all is said and done, the Hunter Biden laptop is not ultimately about Hunter Biden; it’s about old’ Sleepy Joe! It’s all about the Big Guy getting his 10 percent from Hunter’s illicit spoils! The Postmillennial is reporting that new whistleblower documents obtained by Senator Chuck Grassley have revealed that President Biden was indeed aware of Hunter Biden’s business arrangements which of course Biden has consistently denied! At this point, there’s basically three lines of evidence that are all converging together to show that Joe and Hunter were indeed part of illicit business activities! Two of those lines of evidence come from the internal documentation in the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, namely emails and photographs of Biden with Hunter’s business partners, and a third line of evidence comes from the corroborating eyewitness testimony from Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski! The combination of those three lines of evidence, under the review of Republican oversight committees, promises to make the Biden crime one of the key scandals throughout the new year!

So there you have it, 5 major scandals to keep an eye on for 2023!