Confused Man Wonders if Mother’s Day is for Him

This man took to Twitter to claim that the dichotomy between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day has caused him much pain, and he appears to begin tearing up.

He says he does not feel like a father but still questions if he should celebrate Mother’s Day as a trans woman. As this man wonders if he is a mother, many others are trying to make Mother’s Day about anything but normal mothers who are in healthy heterosexual marriages raising their (human being) children.

The fact that some people seem to believe that a “fur mom” is equivalent to a mother, as mothers are the people this holiday celebrates, is baffling. It is shocking to see how the left-wing extremists have tried to include every possible person to be celebrated on Mother’s Day. Not only are transgender women claiming that Mother’s Day is for them, transgender men who are actually women, meaning they can get pregnant, believe that Mother’s Day is for them as well, but that it should be renamed something like “birthing person day.”

Even among the trans community itself, there is no unity or clarity on what they believe. Mother’s Day is just the latest display of incoherent ideologies promoted by the LGBTQ+ community. There are trans women (men) who want to be called mothers for this holiday and trans men who want birthing people to be celebrated on this holiday. If Mother’s Day is for parents who identify as women, trans men are not included in Mother’s Day. If trans men who have birthed children want to change Mother’s Day to birthing parent day, men who identify as women are not able to be celebrated as they are not birthing parents. The trans activists who took to Twitter on Mother’s Day to make it a more inclusive holiday just prove the utter incoherence of their worldview as different transgender individuals and activists want different things that cannot coincide.

If this radical inclusive ideology is followed to its extent, everyone must be celebrated on every “special” day, meaning that there could not be a distinction between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other day celebrating specific people or things in between. Whether intentional or not, the LGBTQ+ activists are erasing the meaning of distinct days to celebrate specific people by adding more people to celebrate if these LGBTQ+ individuals did not fall into the original category of people being celebrated.

It is concerning to see people who are so selfish that they are unable to allow others to have a day to celebrate themselves without making it about them. This is just as inappropriate as a guest making someone else’s birthday celebration about them and their birthday. This is just as outrageous as a wedding guest imposing their expectations on the couple getting married for the wedding. This inconceivable behavior should never be “normalized” or accepted.

The concerning self-glorification we see displayed by many transgender people and activists today bears an uncanny resemblance to narcissism, one of the most severe mental health conditions. Narcissistic personality disorder as defined by Mayo Clinic is “A mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. They need and seek too much attention and want people to admire them.” Additionally, many of the key signs that someone suffers from this condition like unreasonably high sense of self-importance, requiring constant, excessive admiration, and feeling that they deserve privileges and special treatment perfectly describe the transgender activists who are attempting to hijack womanhood.

These attacks on Mother’s Day, women’s sports, and women’s spaces like restrooms show these individuals’ obsessive need for special treatment, “inclusion,” and their need to make things about themselves. This is extremely concerning behavior that many radical LGBTQ+ members and activists are perpetuating and condoning which may need serious professional treatment as it mirrors extremely unhealthy, disordered behavior and thinking.

It is important to reserve special days to show love and appreciation to specific people, relationships, and achievements. All people have special days like birthdays and anniversaries which commemorate themselves and their relationships. Likewise, all people can work towards milestone accomplishments like graduations, promotions, or other professional and personal accomplishments which in turn deserve their own unique celebrations. Nobody wants to associate with someone who tries to make others special moments about themselves. Mothers are female parents. Parents are people who bring forth offspring. Mother’s Day is one of the many days that are about a specific type of person, and if an individual is not a mother it is inappropriate of them to try to make other people’s day about themselves. Confused men who are trying to sabotage Mother’s Day should not be surprised to receive backlash against their deluded assertions.

As these ideas are followed to their full extent, they begin to unravel on their own as the LGBTQ+ worldview claims inherently incompatible ideas. The worldview of the radical extremists continues to crumble under the slightest scrutiny of biology, logic, and common sense, and the conflicting views of these extremists on Mother’s Day are just the latest example of the utter lunacy and selfishness that this movement advocates. As the total incoherence of the LGBTQ+ worldview is further exposed by their ideological disagreements with each other, we are sure to see a return to sanity in the near future as the lifestyle the LGBTQ+ community and the left extremists celebrate proves to be unfulfilling and disastrous.

Erin Casey is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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