Patriots Just Formed a NEW City!

St. George, Louisiana is the newest city in the United States. It was formed by nearly 100,000 residents living on the southern side of Baton Rouge who grew sick and tired of the dying, decaying rot of a Democrat-run city, and they decided to take matters in their own hands.

– In October 2019, 54% of voters in a Louisiana district voted to secede from Baton Rouge, leading to legal battles.

– Critics label the move as segregation, but it’s seen as a response to rising crime rates and Democrat-led city decay.

– From Tennessee to California, communities are exploring secession as a means of reclaiming local control and addressing societal issues.

In October 2019, 54% of voters in the district in Louisiana voted in favor of seceding from the city of Baton Rouge, which is just another typical rotting, dying, dilapidating Democrat city. Baton Rouge leaders responded by doing what they do best: they did everything they could to thwart democracy. They do not care about the concerns of St. George’s residents who don’t vote for them anyway, and they took them to court to prevent the district from successfully seceding.

54% of that district’s population voted for the succession. A few days ago, the Louisiana Supreme Court in a 4 to 3 decision officially ruled in favor of the referendum. St. George is now official. They have seceded from Baton Rouge, and they are now the fifth largest city in Louisiana boasting a population of nearly 85,000. If they do things correctly in terms of the formation of a viable flourishing school system and conservative use of tax dollars, that number is going to skyrocket!

The mainstream media claims that this is segregation. They argue that wealthy white residents are separating themselves from poorer black residents. They ignore the skyrocketing violent crime rates in Baton Rouge. Unfortunately for these leftist Democrats and their apologists in the legacy media, more populations are going to be doing this kind of municipal secession as more of our Democrat-monopolized cities implode. St. George’s is the first of a whole host of new cities that will be formed as a result of Democrat rot and decay.

Scaled secession’ is also known as de-annexation where more districts are trying to secede from their city hall and form their own legally recognized cities. The city of Memphis in Tennessee has actually shrunk over the last few years through this process of de-annexation. Districts such as South Cordova, Southwind, and Rocky Point are no longer part of Memphis. The Greater Idaho movement has seen 12 counties and counting in eastern Oregon vote to secede from Antifa-ridden Portland with the hopes of joining their neighboring red-state Idaho.

In the ultra-blue state of Illinois, 27 counties have already passed pro-secessionist referendums. Some state lawmakers have even proposed bills to separate Chicago and its surrounding Cook County from the rest of the state. There are Maryland counties that want to join up with deep red West Virginia. In California, San Bernardino County has recently voted to study the process and prospects involved in seceding from their increasingly failed state.

This is this notion of scaled secession. Municipalities, counties, and even states are beginning to see more populations reject politicians who blame our societal rot on everything and everyone but themselves. The people in many states are taking matters into their own hands.

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