Gaza Protests Pushing Nation to the RIGHT!

Joe Biden has finally unified the country. He promised to bring people together, and that promise has been kept, but not in a way any Democrat ever imagined in their worst nightmares. It’s now being widely reported that Democrat officials are beginning to openly panic as they see the Gaza protests pushing the nation to the right. We may have these campus protests to thank for a Trump landslide in November!

– Pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses are causing Democrat panic ahead of the November election.

– The political right is leveraging campus unrest to highlight law and order issues.

– The historical precedent suggests societal unrest could favor the right in the upcoming election.

There was a rare moment of unity on the campus of the University of Alabama. For just a brief moment, it didn’t matter if the students were waving a Palestinian flag, an Israeli flag, or an American flag. For just that brief moment, students were united in their common disdain for Bumblin’ Biden! There are today a myriad of reports coming out that Democrat operatives are indeed beginning to openly panic about the effect these pro-Palestinian protests are having on the November election.

The extreme progressive ideas split the left. These issues, from critical race theory in the classrooms to transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, divide the left. About half of leftists will support progressive ideas, but the other half won’t. The progressive side of the left is all for it, but the more classical liberal side is against it! These extreme issues also have the effect of uniting the right. The right is fully against all things woke. Wokeness splits the left and unites the right, and that is a recipe for political disaster if you’re a Democrat in November!

Joe Biden is staying relatively silent in the midst of all of this campus unrest. He needs the Arab-American and Muslim-American vote in November if he’s going to win states like Michigan which has the highest Muslim population in the country, like in the city of Dearborn which has an all-Muslim city council. That vote is threatening to abandon Biden because he supports Israel.

In November, Muslim leaders from several battleground states gathered together in Dearborn to launch an organized national campaign to ensure that Biden loses in November. Muslim Americans were instrumental in helping Biden win in 2020, voting for him with upwards of 70% of the vote. This was crucial in a swing state such as Michigan, which has one of the most densely populated Muslim populations in the country, particularly in Dearborn. Shortly after the breakout of the Israeli-Hamas war, we began to see that support crumble. Muslim and Arab Americans have been increasingly telling Biden that they will not back him in 2024 because of his blanket support for Israel in the Hamas conflict.

NBC News recently published a report on Biden’s support among Muslim Americans cratering, while 70% of Muslims voted for Biden in 2020. That support has now plummeted to just 16% today. This is what has Democrats in an absolute panic. They are watching their coalition split in real-time. Their answer to this is simply to have Biden say nothing. That’s why he has been so silent over the campus protests. He knows he’s already in hot water with the Muslim vote for his sending billions of dollars of aid and military spending to Israel in support of Israeli forces.

Biden has no choice but to try to minimize that damage by purposely staying silent and thereby tacitly supporting these pro-Palestinian protests. The political right is exploiting this campus unrest as a breakdown of law and order. While the Democrats are caught up in the actual ideological struggle between the Israelis and the Palestinians, President Trump is focusing instead on the need to restore law and order in the nation. What’s happening on our college campuses is a microcosm of the whole country falling apart. The last thing Republicans should be doing is what this circus of congressional Republicans is currently doing, which was passing the utterly stupid anti-semitism awareness act. When the enemy is destroying itself, we should not get in his way. These congressional clown Republicans are an utter and total embarrassment!

They should take their lead from Trump, who’s calling for riot police to ‘vanquish the radicals’ and all college campuses to crack down on these woke lunatics and restore law and order. Senators are now calling for the removal of university administration and faculty that are fomenting and incentivizing radical cultural Marxist sentiments on college campuses. This is exactly what the right did back in 1968. Nixon exploited the campus unrest as an example of the breakdown in law and order that comes with leftwing policies and sentiments.

The vast majority of the country in ‘68 and ‘72 turned to the right as a result of the societal unrest. There was a quick reprieve in ‘76 with Jimmy Carter, but that was quickly quelled by the Reagan Revolution which saw three Republican presidential landslides in a row. These dynamics we are seeing impact the left may lead to disaster for the Democrats come November!

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