DEI Disaster: Washington Ends Requirement for Lawyers to Pass BAR Exam!

DEI continues to lower standards all across the nation. This week, news broke that Washington state is removing the requirement for studying attorneys to pass the BAR examination. This policy has also been adopted by Oregon and has raised many questions about terminating the need to pass a challenging examination to have an intense career such as an attorney that requires vast knowledge for one to be effective and competent.

This test is no longer required because, according to the Washington Supreme Court, the exam prohibits minorities from entering the practice of law. Many people have raised concerns about DEI initiatives for this exact reason. Most people do not want standards to be lowered to accommodate less competent people, especially in intense fields that can severely impact people’s lives such as airlines, law, and the medical industry. The standards being lowered in these fields especially are viewed disfavorably by many as there is a lot on the line if these professionals are under-educated or unskillful.

Elon Musk recently discussed this issue with Don Lemon. Musk argued that standards should not be lowered for the sake of hiring more women or people of color in the airline industry. Lemon replied that there is no evidence that standards are being lowered to include more ‘diverse’ people. However, Musk observed that there is clear evidence that there are incentives in the airline industry to lower standards to get more minorities involved in all aspects of this industry. Lemon kept pressing on the issue, claiming that companies that have more diversity in their staff are reportedly more successful and innovative. Musk continued to declare throughout the interview that he believes that the only basis for employment, promotions, and decisions relating to who to involve in a work project should be skill and merit.

Musk’s point here is very simple, however, Lemon and many other leftists like him refuse to accept that DEI lowering standards is bad. Lemon first deflected and denied that standards are being lowered for DEI. He then argued that it is good for more diverse people to be working at each company, implying that diversity should be a main priority in choosing employees. The left tries to pretend that the standards are not being lowered, but it is being proven that they are. The left then tries to excuse this by saying that minorities need to be prioritized, implying that minorities cannot attain positions without lowered standards.

Many people are now wondering where the line will be drawn with DEI. We are seeing the implications on the airline industry, college acceptance, and now the legal field as less competent lawyers of any demographic will be able to practice in the field.

DEI is ruining every field it infests. Hollywood and Disney have completely collapsed because the entertainment industry stopped creating stories and art and instead focused on promoting as much DEI propaganda as possible. Many of the top-streamed shows today are old, and this is because DEI has made stories worse. It has also been recently exposed that there is a lot of DEI influence in the airline industry, which is often attributed to the declining standards and increased examples of airplane disasters.

The good news is that the Supreme Court recently ruled that Affirmative Action, a form of DEI, is not permitted for determining college acceptance opportunities. This has led to many DEI officers and administrative roles being terminated at many companies. Although DEI is still prevalent, we are seeing our society fighting against it in many ways as people recognize the harm that DEI does.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

Copyright, 2024.

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