Debunking the Latest Disturbing Woke Myth of Men “Chestfeeding” Infants

In our new article series Woke Nonsense Chronicles, we will take a look at all the woke absurdities the left is promoting in their continual rejection of reality. Over the past weeks, media has been trying to push a concept somehow more disgusting than the usual garbage they spew. Several publications have recently suggested that trans ‘women’ who take drugs to stimulate liquid to come from their male nipples create a substance ‘just as good as breast milk’ from a woman who has given birth to their baby.

This article from The Telegraph opens by stating, “Drug-induced ‘chestfeeding’ liquid ‘comparable’ to that from mothers when it comes to baby nourishment, claim hospitals.” This description admits that chestfeeding men require drugs for ‘chestfeeding’ to be possible. This is extremely concerning for many reasons.

Women often need to stop taking the medications they were on while breastfeeding. When women are pregnant, they are encouraged to stop taking many vitamins, supplements, and even herbs. The health of the baby is treated as primary, and most parents want to make as many sacrifices as possible to ensure their baby is healthy while developing in the womb and in the vulnerable infant and newborn stages of life. The concept of feeding body secretions that are infested with chemicals and drugs to a child is completely foreign to standard pregnancy and baby nutritional and health guidance.

Is ‘chestfeeding’ liquid really the same for a baby as breast milk? The answer is incredibly obvious. Breastfeeding has many practical benefits such as helping the mother recover and potentially lose weight to return to their pre-pregnancy size more quickly than mothers who do not nurse. Studies also show that women who breastfeed for several months experience less postpartum depression than women who did not. Breastfeeding has also been proven to have many significant health benefits to a child over formula feeding. The child gets all the nutrients they need from breast milk.

Breastfed babies are also much less likely to have digestive issues and diarrhea because formula often has lots of toxic chemicals and preservatives in it. Breastfeeding is also linked to higher IQ’s and less risk of SIDS. The many incredible benefits of breastfeeding to a baby and their mother are triggered by the woman’s body responding to giving birth. There is no way that the same nutrients are found in a liquid artificially produced through hormones and drugs in men who have not given birth and lack the anatomy and physiology to do so.

One of the only reports on this issue was created by the National Library of Medicine, an official government website. Their report states, “We believe that this is the first formal report in the medical literature of induced lactation in a transgender woman.” This report claims that the man was taking domperidone, estradiol, and progesterone. It also claims that this is a fully safe process for the baby, however, it admitted that it is the first report of its kind to analyze this information. Other reports on women’s health while nursing are important to consult considering the lack of research on the effects of male ‘chestfeeding’ liquid on babies.

Medications are highly regulated among women who breastfeed their children. It is recommended that women consult a doctor before taking any medications, even over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal treatments. This is because these substances can pass through to the baby and cause potential harm. It is not recommended for women to consume caffeine or alcohol which can also cause negative effects to their babies. Women are not permitted to take medicines with estrogen or oral contraceptives when breastfeeding. Contraceptives have progestin, which is a synthetic form of progesterone. Since women are not allowed to take estrogen or progestin while breastfeeding, it is unclear why the National Library of Medicine believes that these medications are acceptable to be taken by men attempting to ‘chestfeed.’

The idea that male chest liquid is similar to breastmilk is clearly inaccurate based on the biology of male and female chest anatomy.



The chest of a male lacks the parts needed to generate nourishment for a child. Even if drugs can stimulate their chests to leak liquid, they do not have the biological composition to convert food eaten into a nutritious substance for a child. Women’s bodies are conversely designed to produce breast milk while pregnant. They also release hormones as the milk is consumed by their child to continue creating more. Men who attempt to make chest liquid for a baby do not naturally continue producing it as women do.

Women’s bodies are sometimes able to induce lactation without pregnancy, but the medications they take mimic the hormones their body makes while pregnant. Men taking similar hormones will not be able to nourish a human as they do not have the biological parts necessary to induce lactation that provides nutrients. Additionally, when ‘chestfeeding’ begins, they need to continue to take drugs to stimulate this liquid whereas the female anatomy continues producing breast milk as long as it continues to be utilized.

Additionally, extremely disturbing confessions of transgender identifying ‘chestfeeding’ individuals circulated on social media. These posts expose the horrific abuse that these people are causing to children and the disgusting mentality they have regarding kids as young as infants. These individuals are harming and sexualizing children. There is no conceivable reason for men to attempt to feed a child through a drug-induced liquid from their chest, and it is clear that the media is lying to us about this practice. It is clearly not safe or nutritious for the child, and the men who are doing this are disturbed and dangerous. This is just another example of the corruption in the media and trans community as they attempt to distort basic biological reality.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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