Jordan Peterson Addresses the CRISIS of Masculinity!!

Jordan Peterson discussed the crisis of masculinity in our ultra-woke world. We are going to see not only what’s really behind this crisis but also how it connects to every crisis we’re facing today, and what we can do to stop it!

– Jordan Peterson attributes the crisis of masculinity to the breakdown of the family structure and the absence of healthy relationships with men.

– Peterson ties the crisis of masculinity to broader cultural and social issues, which he traces back to ideas from the Frankfurt School and cultural Marxism.

– Peterson is a voice of reason in tumultuous times, offering insight into the societal challenges facing men and masculinity.

The key to what Peterson just said is that because of the breakdown of the family in modern society, women have found it increasingly difficult to disassociate confident competence from pure raw power. This is largely because women, according to the data, are very attracted to competent men, but young women tend to be attracted to more narcissistic men. Narcissists are very good at mimicking competence.

So, without a healthy relationship with men from the very beginning, which has been frustrating because of the breakdown of the family and absentee fathers and the like, women have, over the last few decades, found it harder and harder to disassociate competence from raw narcissistic power. And as power is deemed as a threat, it must be opposed at all costs, even when it comes to their own sons. This, according to Peterson, is what’s behind the crisis of masculinity!

Jordan Peterson reveals the crisis of our age through the crisis of masculinity. The crisis of masculinity is not simply a thing in our society. Instead, it’s a revelation of what our society has become! Our masculinity crisis is a cultural and social crisis. In many ways, it all goes back to cultural Marxism, which can be traced back to an academic movement known as the Frankfurt School, which was a group of European academics who eventually came over to the States to escape Hitler. At the heart of their ridiculously simplistic notion of how the world works is that the world is ultimately made up of only two groups of people: oppressors and the oppressed.

The operative principle in all social interaction is the principle of power. In order for the oppressed to prevail, they must emasculate power all throughout society, which of course entails the transfer of power away from one group and into the hands of another. This is what’s so profound about Jordan Peterson’s analysis: men are being deliberately emasculated, feminized, and weakened to render them subservient to a new oppressor class.

This is why men who work out and have decided to get back into shape and lift weights and build muscle are all now considered to be far-right. MSNBC responded to a new workout craze among men. Men are rejecting this absurd crisis of masculinity that’s been imposed upon them to make them weak, and they are starting to work out again, get strong, and have a powerfully positive masculine image. Woke leftists label that proactive health consciousness as far-right. Given their worldview, strong men are a threat to the political power that has been amassed as the result of the weakening of men.

True authority is not the manifestation of pure raw power. It’s not there to oppress or stifle. It’s the opposite: the rules are there to awaken our humanity so as to allow good things to run wild. Strong men governed by God enable society to flourish. Jordan Peterson is a voice of reason in the midst of such insane times!

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