Man Wins Women’s Weightlifting Competition

A man recently participated in a women’s weightlifting competition and unsurprisingly won.

This is part of a larger cultural trend of men identifying as women and crushing females in athletic competitions. USA Weightlifting released a statement on March 29th in response to the backlash against this male winning in the women’s competition.

They state that they allow transgender-identifying people to compete in women’s sports. They also have claimed to be open to hearing feedback about their policy, so anyone interested in this issue can reach out to them expressing concern over this policy. Two women who were beaten by this male stood on the podium with him, smiling for a photo after he won first place in the competition.

Piper also set the record at this event, and this was allegedly the first women’s event he entered, crushing all competition immediately. He outlifted the woman who came in 2nd by 37 pounds. This is due to the obvious biological reality that men are significantly stronger than women. This is not a bad thing, but rather a fact that necessitates the segregation of sporting events based on sex. We see countless examples of men who identify as women beating women in sporting events. Women often work hard to train at their sport and lose to men who put in far less effort than them. This occurs because of the innate biological differences between the male and female sexes.

Last week, a video went viral where a man claims that he made upwards of one million dollars betting on male swimmer Lia Thomas who beat females in women’s swimming competitions. The man in this video is seemingly being satirical, but this clip is comical because of the absurdity of men participating in women’s sports. He notices the obvious injustice of allowing men to compete in women’s sporting events, as this gives men a clear and unfair advantage.

The National Organization for Women recently tweeted that women opposing trans-identifying men in their sports is “white supremacist patriarchy at work.” Some have countered that actually, men taking over women’s sports and leaving them without a space to succeed would be more like the ‘patriarchy.’

The article that the NOW was criticizing in this tweet discussed that over a dozen women are suing the NCAA for allowing men to compete in women’s sports. Women athletes are not willing to back down on this important issue, and many in the community are supporting them. Men are not women, and this simple fact necessitates that they have sex-separated sporting events that do not allow compromise for transgender-identifying individuals.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks. 

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