CDC Says COVID Should be Treated Like Flu, Rolls out Another Booster

The CDC has finally admitted that Covid can most appropriately be treated as an illness similar to the flu. This guidance came on Friday, March 1st as an update to respiratory illness recommendations. Covid is now being categorized as a respiratory illness along with the flu and RSV, and these updated guidelines suggest what to do in the case of any of these diseases.

This new guideline states: “While every respiratory virus does not act the same, adopting a unified approach to limiting disease spread makes recommendations easier to follow and thus more likely to be adopted and does not rely on individuals to test for illness, a practice that data indicates is uneven.”

This is shocking to read after years of being gaslit by the government and public health organizations like the CDC. When President Trump said that Covid was like the flu at the beginning of the pandemic, people freaked out over this ‘misinformation’ and claimed that this idea was dangerous. Any doctors or businesses who did not subject themselves, customers, or employees to mask and vaccine mandates were subjects of attempted cancellation, online hate, and panic from those who claimed that this was dangerous.

It is baffling that these health organizations and leaders are trying to backtrack on the draconian measures they have tortured the American people with for years. This is similar to when Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, claimed several months ago that he had never forced people to get vaccinated. The public responded with outrage and many reports came out that exposed his claims as fraudulent. It is clear that the leftwing leaders know that their policy responses were a disaster in their attempts to cover their tracks and change their tone now.

The CDC led the charge in the US to force people to mask, be vaccinated, quarantine, and test for Covid constantly. The procedures were clearly a huge waste of time and money as the social distancing, masking, quarantining, and vaccinations had very severe consequences. The CDC also ensured that ‘fact checkers’ were in place to ban information that suggested that Covid was not severe, that vaccines were not necessary and were harmful, and that Covid is similar to the flu. These messages were vigorously pursued online and banned from many platforms. Now they are admitting what we all knew and expecting us to move on.

The problem with this new messaging is that they are never going to apologize for being wrong. They admitted that Covid should be treated like the flu, but they are never going to apologize for or admit to being wrong and ruining so many lives and livelihoods. The Covid response was a disaster that entailed shutting down schools and many employers forcing their employees and customers to be vaccinated. The people who depended on their kids going to school to go to work had to suddenly pivot and help their kids learn at home. Many people had to leave their jobs over the unjust vaccine mandates imposed by many employers.

Mask use contributed to speech delays in children. Children’s overall performance in schools is on a downward trajectory. Kids and teens struggled more with depression and anxiety, and the rates of teen suicide increased due to the effects of the Covid lockdowns. Women had to give birth in hospitals alone during the pandemic, something unimaginably stressful and scary.

A report by the National Library of Health documents a survey of tens of thousands of women globally who took the Covid vaccine. 52.05% of these women had some form of menstrual abnormality after taking the Covid vaccine. This is a horrifying figure as menstrual regularity and health is one of the biggest indicators of reproductive health, and abnormal cycles are an indicator that something is wrong with a woman’s hormones or reproductive capabilities. Despite the vaccine’s total ineffectiveness, the CDC has recommended that seniors get another booster shot soon.

CDC Director Mandy Cohen has argued that we need to continue to get Covid booster shots to stay ahead of the virus, which continues to change. The left and the corrupt health organizations continue to try to push the vaccine while simultaneously realizing that the entire Covid response was an abominable disaster. Their cognitive dissonance is not fooling people anymore. The people know from the CDC’s admission that they were wrong about Covid and how to respond to it, but they have offered no apology or direct statement that they were wrong. They have completely imploded any trust that any people may have had in health organizations as they try to desperately cling to giving us more booster shots while timidly backtracking on their abysmal Covid administrative failures. Covid opened the eyes of many people to this corruption, and nobody is falling for any of this propaganda anymore.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

Copyright, 2024.

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