Speaker Johnson Faces HARSH Backlash for COMPROMISING on Southern Border and Foreign Aid!

Is Speaker Johnson being blackmailed? That’s exactly what more Republicans are coming out and openly saying. Calls grow to have Johnson ousted as speaker! We are going to see the latest on Johnson’s outrageous betrayal of his Republican base, and what many believe to be the REAL reason why Johnson appears to be so willing to give Democrats anything they want!

– Speaker Johnson is facing backlash from Republican grassroots for allegedly betraying his promises and funneling taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.

– Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher’s decision to delay retirement to aid Johnson’s Ukraine funding vote has sparked controversy.

– The concept of congressional capture entails lawmakers prioritizing outside interests over public needs, leading to policy alignment with corporations, special interests, and intelligence agencies.

Speaker Johnson has promised to once again sell out his Republican voters and funnel tens of billions of more taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. He originally promised he would never do this! In an utterly maddening turn of events, Johnson is prepared to enact Joe Biden’s multi-billion dollar Ukraine agenda. Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher is retiring at the end of the month. He could have left office last week and it would have triggered a special election to fill his seat. Instead, he refused, which will leave that seat vacant until November. He refused so that he could help ensure Johnson’s Ukraine funding passes this weekend.

It was just announced that Johnson will hold a vote this weekend on funding Ukraine and Israel’s wars along with other foreign aid and assets without any measures to secure the southern border. He has surrendered the Republicans’ leverage of requiring any foreign aid be contingent on closing and securing the southern border.

The Republican grassroots is about to judge Speaker Johnson a lot sooner than history does. There is no evidence that Vladimir Putin is preparing to, in his words, ‘march through Europe.’ People are dying and Johnson and the other RINOs are lying just to keep the multi-billion dollar military-industrial complex funded.

This is a stunning betrayal of the Republican base that has worked so hard to put representatives like Mike Johnson in office. And it looks like, as a result, it may be the end of the line for Johnson. The MAGA wing is rising up and saying they want Johnson gone! Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene sent a letter to all of her Republican colleagues urging them to support her in her motion to vacate the speakership and oust Johnson once and for all, precisely what Matt Gaetz did to Speaker McCarthy! Thomas Massie has come out in favor of forcing on vote on ousting Johnson, and even Senator Rand Paul is now supporting it:

Revolver had a great piece describing precisely how we are seeing Johnson becoming yet the latest victim of institutional capture in real-time. Here’s Representative Bob Good describing precisely that process of institutional capture when it came to Johnson’s flip-flop on the Deep State FISA bill authorizing warrantless spying:

After Johnson came out of his meeting with Deep State intelligence officials and announced he was changing his position on warrantless FISA surveillance, ….Edward Snowden weighed in, here’s what he tweeted out: ‘This is a textbook case of Congressional capture. With a single briefing, the intelligence agencies routinely transform their most strident critics into the tamest of cheerleaders.’ Johnson came into Washington as a lion ready to take on the establishment, and now he’s been fully and completely emasculated into a cheerleader for that very same establishment!

Obviously, something has happened! Here’s how the Revolver piece defines congressional capture: “‘Congressional capture’ is when lawmakers or legislative bodies fall under the heavy influence of outside interests, like big corporations, special interest groups, or US intel. These influences ensure that their agendas take precedence over the public’s needs. In simple terms, this means certain policies or laws that favor these groups are advanced, while criticism or resistance is quietly suppressed. Suddenly, their most ferocious critics become their biggest cheerleaders.”

That’s exactly what happened to Johnson. In the end, he simply could not resist the siren songs of the perfect storm of donors, special interests, and Deep State intel agencies. Having been seduced by that song like the ancient sailors at sea, it looks like his Speaker-ship is about to be dashed on the rocks!

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