Libs Claim the Eclipse is From Climate Change and We Can Live on the Sun?!

In anticipation of the eclipse, there were many crazy theories about the world ending.

In light of these many theories, many commentators and news channels covered the eclipse and the chatter surrounding it. The most absurd but not surprising take was from The View. The hosts babbled incoherently about the eclipse and the upcoming cicadas that are scheduled to appear in record numbers this summer.

The hosts mocked the idea that these events could be a sign of something spiritual. They discounted any spiritual connection and then insinuated that these events are obviously due to climate change. The cicadas obviously have nothing to do with climate change or anything we can contribute to. There are two types of cicadas appearing this summer that do not appear annually. One type appears every 17 years, and the other appears every 13 years. These cicadas are both appearing this summer, and these appearances only align once every 221 years.

It is clear that this event, as well as the solar eclipse on April 8th, can be tracked and known about in advance. This is possibly the least compelling argument for climate change that has ever been presented. As the hosts of The View demonstrated how utterly confused they are about basic, trackable events, another liberal shared her ideas about the possibility of living on the sun!

Sheila Jackson Lee gave a speech at high school claiming that the moon is made of gasses but that we may be able to live on the moon someday. She claimed “They will shut the light down” in reference to the eclipse, and many people wondered what she meant by this. After her comments received a lot of criticism and mockery online, she replied with this tweet:

This post received a community note addressing the many errors in her claims despite issuing a ‘correction’ to the comments made in her original speech. X’s community note on this post says, “The moon is not, in fact, gaseous. Even taking into consideration Rep Jackson Lee misspeaking, the sun is not inhabitable.” Many people still have no idea what she was trying to communicate here.

The left claims to be the party of science, but we see many examples where prominent liberals demonstrate their lack of basic scientific comprehension. The left tries to manipulate science in some of the most basic ways as they reject that unborn babies are living. There is no consensus on what time an abortion would not be murder, and the left constantly fumbles with questions about this subject. They also claim that women and men are fluid categories and that people can change their gender. The women on The View and Sheila Jackson Lee are just this week’s examples of the utter lunacy we see from the left, which claims to be the party of ‘science.’

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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