Dylan Mulvaney Mocks Women In His New Music Video

Controversial transgender-identifying male Dylan Mulvaney released a bizarre song accompanied by a creepy music video this week to celebrate ‘two years of girlhood.’ One of the most strange things about Mulvaney is his use of the label ‘girlhood’ to describe his gender ‘transition.’ Typically transgender-identifying men want to call themselves women and specifically sabotage the female sex and identity, but Mulvaney is fixated on the concept of ‘girlhood,’ which communicates that he has a distinctly disturbed view of gender and himself.

Mulvaney was sent an infamous Bud Light can with his face on it about a year ago for his social media project ‘365 Days of Girlhood.’ This sparked a huge fiasco for Bud Light and its parent company Anheuser Busch. Even a year later, Bud Light has lost over a billion dollars and millions of customers who refuse to purchase from them. Mulvaney has been a laughingstock since this controversy, with countless people noting the bizarre language he uses to describe his gender and his warped perception of women.

Criticism of Mulvaney is resurfacing as he released a song called ‘Days of Girlhood’ on the 2nd anniversary of his public announcement of his gender transition. The lyrics to this song highlight his demented view of womanhood and the behavior he thinks is associated with womanhood. He mentions that he needed to ‘learn the basics’ of the ways of girlhood, a concept that no woman has ever experienced as ‘girlhood’ and womanhood are not charades and acts performed, it is an innate characteristic that cannot be changed or replicated by men like Mulvaney pretending.

He then describes the days of the week and activities he thinks women do throughout the week:

“Monday, can’t get out of bed

Tuesday morning, pick up meds

Wednesday, retail therapy “Cash or credit?” I say, “Yes”

Thursday, had a walk of shame Didn’t even know his name Weekends are for kissing friends

Friday night, I’ll ovеrspend

Saturday, we flirt for drinks Playin’ wingman to our twinks

Sunday, the Twilight soundtrack, Cues my breakdown in the bath”

He mentions picking up drugs (obviously referencing his transgender prescriptions) as something he thinks is part of the typical experience of a woman. Mulvaney seems to think that some of the worst stereotypes about women are something that should be glamorized such as the stereotype that some women overspend and shop too much. He also suggests that women kiss their friends, flirt for drinks, and have sex with people they do not know in a typical week. He also seemingly refers to the Bud Light scandal in this song, saying “The patriarchy is over, you can hold our beer.”

Countless people have taken to social media to point out how offensive and degrading this song is towards women. The song is flopping on YouTube, and Mulvaney had to turn off comments because the song has received so much backlash and criticism. Women are tired of transgender people like Mulvaney who make a complete mockery of womanhood, and this is shown by the increasing rejection of pro-trans propaganda and messaging.

We are also seeing over a dozen courageous women taking legal action against the NCAA for allowing men pretending to be women to be in women’s sports, stealing rankings, victories, financial prizes, and opportunities from women. People are emboldened to speak out against the madness of the trans cult. The silent majority of people who are completely opposed to trans ideology are becoming more courageous and emboldened to speak out against men who make a mockery of women and invade their spaces. The backlash Mulvaney’s perverted and disgusting song is receiving is just further evidence that people are sick of men mocking women and belittling womanhood as nothing more than a costume based on obnoxious stereotypes.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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