CNN Boss Admits IMPLOSION as Network May LEAVE Cable TV!

Nobody wants to watch CNN anymore. Things are so bad for the Cable News Network that they may end up leaving cable TV altogether.

– CNN’s new CEO, Mark Thompson, acknowledges the network’s “existential crisis” and suggests a potential pivot away from cable news television.

– Recent ratings reveal a significant decline in CNN’s viewership, with a 33-year low and a 90% drop in audience over the last two years.

– The network is reportedly planning significant cuts, including letting go of prominent figures like Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace, Wolf Blitzer, and Jake Tapper.

CNN’s new CEO Mark Thompson says that the fledgling news network has an ‘existential crisis.’ The former New York Times and BBC executive has been hired by parent company Warner Brothers Discovery to try to rescue CNN from its collapsing ratings freefall. That rescue may involve the otherwise unthinkable: pivoting the Cable News Network away from cable news television altogether. In a stunning admission by the CEO, CNN may indeed end up turning off its channel!

This bombshell comes on the heels of the recent ratings that came out for the first quarter. Things couldn’t be worse for CNN. As the audience continues to grow for both Fox and MSNBC, CNN is hemorrhaging viewers. Fox News saw a 13% bump in viewership. MSNBC saw a 7% bump, but CNN could only manage a measly inconsequential 1% bump. Things are so bad that according to the Nielson ratings, CNN viewership has sunk to a 33-year low. Their audience is down 90% over the last two years.

Charles Barkley, who threatened to punch people in the face if he saw them wearing a Trump t-shirt, just had his new show canceled after suffering the worst primetime debut in a decade. If Barkley thought making comments like that about Trump voters was somehow going to ingratiate him with CNN’s audience, unfortunately, he was gravely mistaken. There IS no audience. Their TV audience is drying up.

Their website audience is large, however, which is likely why this new CEO is trying to pivot away from cable television. It looks like CNN is now poised to clean house when it comes to its ultra-leftist primetime lineup. Reports are out that the few remaining stars of CNN may be losing their jobs amid the fledgling network’s shakeup. CNN’s new CEO, Mark Thompson, is reportedly planning on making some huge cuts in the midst of the network’s existential crisis, as he calls it.

The people who are reportedly on the chopping block are Anderson Cooper, Chris Wallace, Wolf Blitzer, and Jake Tapper. This announcement that CNN is letting go of its primetime lineup comes on the heels of the shocking announcement several months ago that the iconic CNN building in downtown Atlanta was not going to be used anymore. A few months ago, CNN announced that, as part of their cost-cutting measures, they were abandoning their iconic CNN headquarters.

This was a stunning admission that the most distrusted name in fake news was losing its ongoing battle with President Trump and the MAGA movement. CNN has been beaten by both the right and the left as we see MSNBC beating them in every measurable way. It seems like there’s very little it can do to recover from that. It appears certain that the days of CNN are indeed about to end!

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