Louisiana To Require Schools to Display 10 Commandments!

The wonderful state of Louisiana is on the cusp of requiring all schools in the state to post a public display of the 10 commandments!

– Louisiana is moving towards requiring all schools to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms, a move seen as embracing the state’s Christian heritage.

– The bill passed overwhelmingly in the Louisiana House and is expected to pass in the Senate.

– The partnership between church and state cultivates civic virtue, seen as indispensable for freedom and self-governance.

The state of Louisiana is one step closer to requiring all schools in their state, K-12 and colleges to post a public display of the 10 commandments on the walls of all classrooms. It’s an extraordinary bill representing Louisiana’s efforts to recover and embrace its Christian heritage. The bill passed the Louisiana House overwhelmingly by a vote of 82 to 19. It now goes to the Senate, where it’s expected to pass and get signed by their wonderful new conservative governor Jeff Landry.

The legacy media and the local media outlets are all pushing this utterly absurd notion that this is somehow controversial. They want us to have all the BLM and rainbow paraphernalia possible in the classroom, which is ‘NOT’ controversial, but then they claim that the 10 commandments are too controversial to be in classrooms. Unfortunately for these woke warriors, all Louisiana is doing is embracing what’s known as an accommodationist relationship between church and state advocated by our founding fathers. Both church and state, though distinct and separate institutions, nevertheless work together as a partnership for the betterment of society.

Church and state work together so that the public square remains a space for the cultivation of what the founding fathers referred to as civic virtue. This was once considered indispensable to freedom because only a self-governing people could be truly free. And in order to be self-governing, we had to cultivate a sense of civic virtue. That’s the view of every single founding father. But in order to cultivate virtue, we had to have faith and tradition, which are the timeless sources of the classical virtues.

John Adams, our second president, said “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.” And that’s because only religious people had the frames of reference for the cultivation of civic virtue. Civic virtue is the prerequisite for self-governance and limited government. All we have to do to see how right John Adams was is take out religion and then see what ends up in our classrooms. We can hope all red states follow suit as patriots around the country reawaken a nation dedicated to faith, family, and freedom!

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