Zelensky ARRESTING & EVICTING Monks in Ukraine!

An Orthodox priest tries to stop clash protesters the police in the center of Kiev on January 22, 2014. Ukrainian police on Wednesday stormed protesters' barricades in Kiev as violent clashes erupted and activists said that one person had been shot dead by the security forces. Total of two activists shot dead during clashing. The move by police increased tensions to a new peak after two months of protests over President Viktor Yanukovych's failure to sign a deal for closer ties with the EU. AFP PHOTO/ SERGEI SUPINSKY (Photo credit should read SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

We have another serious development in the deepening crisis in Ukraine; the Zelensky government is actually expelling Orthodox Christians from an ancient monastery, and while Western leaders are turning a blind eye to this obvious religious persecution, someone else of note is promising to defend them to the very end! So what’s really going on in all of this? That’s what WE’re going to find out!

-Zelensky is arresting and evicting Orthodox Christian priests and monks across Ukraine!

-He has now turned his gaze to the largest monastery in the nation!

-Putin has vowed to assist the monks.Will this shift the tide of the war?!

One of the most concerning developments to come out of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is President Zelensky’s blatant persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It is a bizarre persecution from a number of angles! Shortly after the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which was historically linked to the Moscow Patriarchate, broke ties with Moscow and announced their full support for Ukraine. And for months, Zelensky seemed to be happy with that. But then something happened; over the last few months, in a number of sweeping moves, Zelensky has ordered the arrest of dozens of Ukrainian Orthodox priests, as well as the raiding of Orthodox churches and monasteries, even a convent of nuns! And then, in December, in a stunningly brazen move, the Zelensky government announced that there would be a major crackdown on the operation of what they called Moscow affiliated Orthodox churches throughout the fledgling nation!

It is, without question, a de facto banning of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the state’s dwindling boundaries! And as part of that crackdown, Reuters is reporting that the Ukrainian Orthodox monks who’ve inhabited for nearly a thousand years the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, what’s known as the Monastery of the Caves, have been ordered by the Zelensky government to vacate the premises by the end of the month! The eviction order represents nothing less than perhaps the single most stunning and blatant act of religious persecution seen in the West in decades! And here is how the monks are responding:

So there you have it; they have no intention of leaving, and they’ll leave only through arrest or death; there’s no other option as far as they’re concerned! Now this ominous development should lay to rest this entire preposterous, propagandistic notion that defending Ukraine is all about defending democracy, freedom, and liberty! I get it! I get conservatives falling for that nonsense over the first few months of the launch of Russia’s special military operation; I took, at the time, a very unpopular opinion, I got a lot of pushback from conservatives and conservative talk-radio who were all in on this notion that defending Ukraine was about defending democracy and freedom and liberty! I understood why so many for the first few months could be duped into that! But now there’s just no excuse for anyone out there to continue to buy this bullshit! Defending Ukraine has never, EVER, not for a single moment EVER been about defending democracy, simply because the US state department deliberately thwarted Ukrainian democracy!

We now know, thanks to a transcript published by the BBC of a telephone conversation between then Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, that the US State department was behind the 2014 color revolution that overthrew the duly elected pro-Russian government in Kiev, and installed instead a pro-Western puppet government! This has never been about democracy! It’s no more about democracy than George Soros’ Open Societies are about democracy! This has been from day one all about maintaining and defending the liberal international order! One of Biden’s officials admitted that! Several months back, he said the quiet part out loud, do you remember this?

I mean, he literally said it! This is explicitly about defending the liberal world order, it’s not about the supposedly pristine irreproachable democratic institutions of Ukraine that is the great guarantor of religious freedom; obviously not!!! This is all fundamentally about maintaining a particular kind of international order,

what’s commonly referred to as the liberal international order. For 30 years, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the world order went from what’s called a bi-polar world, where there were two major superpowers contesting for dominance, to what’s called a unipolar world, with the United States became the sole super-power on the planet. And as a result, that unipolar world ushered in what’s called the liberal international order, where the United States deliberately sought to remake the world order with the US at its very center. We wrote the rules, we governed the organizations and institutions such as the WTO and the IMF, and we insisted that every nation abide by those rules and institutions!

However, the rise of Russia and China as well as India as major international powers is increasingly replacing a unipolar world with what’s called a multi-polar world, a world with a number of great political and economic powers that are challenging the United States’ hegemony of over the globe, and the neocons and neolibs in DC along with those in Brussels are doing everything they can to try to hold THAT new multi-polar world off, since it doesn’t merely challenge the United States’ unipolar hegemony, it replaces it! It replaces it was a very different world, a far more nationalist, far more traditionalist and civilizationalist world that no longer wants to live under rules dictated by US and EU officials! WE don’t want to live under them, why would we expect anyone else of wanting to live under these conditions?!? And isn’t it interesting that when you have a nation like Ukraine so blatantly violating the fundamental tenets of the very democracy they claim to be defending, no one in the United States, NO ONE, is coming to the rescue of the victims of the violation!No one is stepping up to defend these Ukrainian Orthodox Monks! Oh, wait a minute, someone is, but he’s not in the United States!

Russian president Vladimir Putin is vowing to defend Orthodox churches and monasteries throughout Ukraine, political rhetoric we have not heard in centuries. Some months back, President Putin issued a statement through one of his official spokesmen that in the midst of the historic split within the Ukrainian church, he has every intention of defending the Orthodox Church in Ukraine by virtue of its historic ties to Russia. Over the last few centuries, the Ukrainian Church has been intimately and spiritually connected to the Russian Orthodox Church, though with a relatively autonomous form of governance. That all changed a few years back when, again, the US state department worked together with then Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko to split the Ukrainian Orthodox Church away from Moscow, and form a new diocese called the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. It was during this time that Putin released a statement affirming that he was indeed committed to protecting and defending the Orthodox from any what he called illegal or hostile activity perpetrated against the church from within the borders of the Ukraine. It was a stunning statement, and perhaps the first of its kind in terms of a warning that Russia would indeed intervene, by force if needed, INSIDE the borders of Ukraine! So the question now of course is: with the supposedly democracy obsessed Western elites turning their backs on so many Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, will they now turn to Putin and to Russia as their liberators?!? If so, they’ll join the ranks of billions across the globe who are even now welcoming the end of the liberal international order and the pathetic hypocrisies that accompanied it!