Biden’s Polling Surge Never Materialized!

The media has been claiming that we would see a surge in Biden’s polling. It has officially deflated as we can see in the latest polls, which is an utter disaster for the incontinent in chief!

– The latest Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll shows Trump leading Biden in 6 of 7 swing states.

– Trump is leading on average by 6 points in swing states.

– Trump’s strong position in crucial states like Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia puts him on track to win the election.

Biden’s ‘poll bounce’ and ‘SURGE’ that the legacy media was championing over the last three weeks has now officially deflated. The latest Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll has Trump once against leading Biden in 6 of 7 swing states. Trump is beating Biden by 7 in Arizona, 6 in Georgia, 8 in Nevada, 10 in North Carolina, 1 in Pennsylvania, and 4 in Wisconsin. The one exception interestingly is Michigan, where the Bloomberg poll found Biden winning by 2.

Altogether, Trump is beating Biden in the swing state by an average of 6 points. Whatever poll surge the legacy media was trying to desperately manufacture and fabricate for Biden has failed miserably. The top three polls, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia, are enough for Trump to win the election. If Trump wins all the states he won in 2020, which he’s set to do, he will have the election.

By comparison, in Wisconsin in 2020, Biden was leading every single poll. His average lead was nearly 7 points. This was the same in Arizona, where he led by an average of about a point. Now Trump is absolutely crushing Biden in these very same states. So things aren’t looking good for Biden, and if the woke activists in the media are right, his pathetic attempts at lawfare aren’t helping much either!

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