Why Is Congress STILL Sending Money to Ukraine!?

So many in the uniparty were so insistent on passing a foreign aid bill that the vast majority of voters didn’t want. Few of us are surprised that it passed so easily. This is par for the course for a congressional elite that is increasingly alienated from the values, interests, and concerns of the people.

– The narrative around the Republican party’s role in Ukraine has shifted with the approval of a $60 billion aid package.

– Despite this aid, media outlets highlight Ukraine’s ongoing challenges against Russia.

– Reports suggest Ukraine faces significant manpower and logistical challenges, leading to doubts about the effectiveness of aid in altering the conflict’s outcome.

The legacy media’s narrative was that the Republican party was causing Ukraine to lose. Now that the massive $60 billion aid package to Ukraine has been approved in both the House and the Senate, with Biden set to sign. Now we are getting a very different narrative coming out of the propaganda press. Foreign Policy’s headline on Tuesday was, ‘Ukraine Is Still Outgunned by Russia’ and the bi-line reads, ‘Even if Congress passes the aid package, most of the artillery Ukraine needs won’t get to the front until next year.’

The AP published a piece titled ‘More US aid will help Ukraine avoid defeat in its war with Russia. Winning is another matter.’ The BBC’s recent report title says, ‘Ukraine aid package could help Kyiv slow Russia’s advance.’ Matt Gaetz described this situation best, saying that this is corruption. Politicians and their donors are getting wealthy off of the military-industrial complex. Bitcoin.com did a study on the massive amount of money that congressmen have been making off of this war in Ukraine.

The real tragedy in all of this corruption is how it has only ended up sacrificing so many lives in Ukraine. There was a stunning admission from Fox News in an article titled, ‘The Ukraine War is lost, but Hollywood and DC don’t know it.’ This came out just a day or two before the Mike Johnson betrayal vote over the weekend. The article goes on to detail how the Ukrainians stand no chance of winning!

Ukraine lacks the soldiers to win. This Fox article admits that there are 7-10x more Russian soldiers than there are Ukrainians on the battlefield. The Ukrainian commander of joint forces admitted that last week. No matter what aid they get from the US Congress, no matter how much money we send them, it doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to overcome that massive manpower deficit. Russia’s army is actually bigger today than when it invaded Ukraine two years ago.

The second reason the war is lost is that no matter how big the check is, NATO’s war machine cannot keep up with Russia. It’s widely admitted that NATO simply can’t keep up with the munitions needed to fight. Russia is stockpiled as far as the eye can see. They’ve been preparing for this for ten years. Russia’s army today is bigger than it was 2 years ago, at the start of this conflict. They’ve officially re-stocked all of their previously destroyed tanks and repleted their entire missile inventory. Russia is stronger now than they were before this conflict began. Ukraine is not winning this. The sad reality is that all this money that’s being wasted on this terrible conflict testifies to just how corrupt our own political class has become!

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