It was not a good day to be a CNN reporter, especially when your mindless Democrat talking points go up against the caliber of someone like Vivek! Don Lemon also humiliated himself again. We are going to see the latest on the former CNN host’s propensity towards self-embarrassment on full display as he conversed with Elon Musk!

– Vivek Ramaswamy leaves CNN anchor Abby Phillip speechless with his criticism of the network’s focus on name-calling rather than important issues.

– CNN is accused of ignoring pressing issues like the border crisis, crime wave, and inflation while indulging in junior high-level squabbles.

– Don Lemon’s interview with Elon Musk backfires as Lemon advocates for censorship, leading to criticism and mockery.

Vivek Ramaswamy stunned CNN anchor Abby Phillip into a silent stupor. She had no idea how to even remotely respond to what Vivek was saying. CNN cannot possibly plausibly defend Biden’s border disaster and illegal migrants getting public services at the taxpayer’s expense. They can’t defend Biden’s violent crime wave or his inflation crisis. Instead, because they can’t talk about and defend any of the issues that voters care about, they’ve reduced themselves to junior high-level gossiping squabbles about name-calling.

We have an invasion at the southern border and millions of illegal border crossings over months. American citizens have been murdered like Laken Riley by illegal immigrants. We have a cost-of-living crisis throughout the country and the world order is unraveling. But the number one priority of unserious news outlets like CNN is to quibble over name-calling.

Vivek forced this poor excuse for a reporter to defend CNN’s deliberate choice to ignore the issues that voters care most about and instead mire themselves in the gutter of junior high-level squabbles. Given CNN’s deliberate misrepresentation of Trump’s ‘bloodbath’ comment, they have no ground to stand on in arguing about the meaning of words.

We see no pushback here. CNN did not say to Nancy Pelosi that they take words very seriously. They did not correct her and mention that Trump was talking about the auto industry when he used the term ‘bloodbath.’ The good news is that nobody even gives CNN the time of day anymore. Their audience is down 90% over the last two years. Word on the street is that there is about to be a bloodbath of layoffs at CNN in the coming months.

Former CNN albatross Don Lemon who was axed from CNN was hoping to make a big comeback with his interview with Elon Musk on X. As it turns out, he only ended up proving what an insufferable person he is.

Don Lemon was appealing to all of these meaningless mindless euphemisms, saying, ‘I think there’s right and wrong and you, Elon Musk, have a responsibility to the world, to silence the wrong!’ And Elon responded that he wants censorship and is calling on Musk to censor! Lemon retorted that he just wants Musk to silence bad people. This is the very definition of censorship, as Elon incessantly pointed out to him! Tucker once described Don Lemon as someone who everyone recognizes ought to feel publicly embarrassed but he never is. Lemon just got rhetorically wrecked, and yet he had no idea what just happened. In light of the obvious lying and misrepresentation we saw yesterday with Trump’s bloodbath comments, the legacy media’s deceptive duplicity is being called out. They are being exposed each day from all corners of society as being blatant partisan hacks, which is guaranteeing their eventual and inexorable demise!

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