Trump’s Revolution is SPREADING!!!

What can I say: this indictment, at least at this point, appears to be nothing less than a gift for President Trump! He appears to be expanding his base, and it’s happening at a record pace; we’re going to take a look at the latest indications that Trump’s base is growing and we’re going to see how one red state in particular is effectively fighting back against lawless Democrats, that may indeed be a model for red states in general!

-Trump is becoming the APPARENT Republican nominee!

-Tennessee is using the winning playbook and PUNISHING Dems like they punish us

-This is only the beginning of the red state resistance!

Trump continues to see a massive boost in his support among Republicans; the Real Clear Politics aggregate, which averages out all the polls out there, it’s stunning: the aggregate has Trump right now with a 26 point lead over the rest of the Republican field! 26 points, that’s the averaged out lead from all the latest polls! For example, a brand new YouGov poll has Trump surging to a 30 point lead over the other GOP contenders, his largest lead-ever over DeSantis, 52 to 21! The ultra-left Newsweek has Trump’s support hitting nearly 60 percent, he’s surged to a dominant 56 points! And we’ve got the new McGlaughlin poll, that not only found that Trump is towering over the field by 30 points; but it also found that voters were MORE likely to vote for Trump over the indictment, not less! And again, I’m going to reiterate this many times, this is exactly what we predicted!

Remember, Trafalgar polling found that 79 percent of likely voters are very concerned about the fact that we live in a two-tiered justice system that deliberately protects political insiders at the expense of ordinary Americans! And so the massive backfire that the Democrats are risking here is that a significant portion of that population, again 8 in 10 people, a significant portion who otherwise wouldn’t support Trump, would nevertheless rally to his side once they recognized the radically unfair, politicized weaponization of the law in his case; and again, that’s exactly what we appear to be seeing! Look at this poll from CNN of all places, a vast majority of Americans, includi; ng most Democrats, believe that politics is playing a role in the indictment of President Trump. 52 percent of respondents believe politics are playing the major role in the indictment, while 23 percent, less than half of that, believe that politics is playing at least some role!

So altogether, 75 percent of those surveyed believe Trump is a victim of the politicalization of the legal system! Now, the fact that people are starting to sympathize with Trump came to the fore with Trump’s fundraising numbers over the weekend; the Trump campaign is reporting that they just raised over $5 million dollars in the 48 hours after the indictment was announced! And get this: 25 percent of the donations, a quarter of the donations, came from first-time donors! That’s HUGE, again because that indicates exactly what we’ve been predicting would happen! People who otherwise wouldn’t have supported Trump, at least in this case financially, are rallying to his cause, because they see a blatant injustice that needs to be fought back against and rectified! Another indicator of this conversion, as it were, is the fact that Trump’s favorability is rising; a Morning Consult poll released just yesterday found that 77 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of Trump, topping Ron DeSantis, who has a 73 percent favorability rating. So clearly it looks as if Trump is expanding his base inside the Republican Party, for the nomination, and very possibly, given the amount of first-time donations along with the polling, outside of the Republican Party as well! Now, in our last video, we talked about what the Republican Party absolutely needs to do in retaliation to this, especially among red states! And I think we’re at least in part seeing it today; something’s happening in a red state that may indeed be the model for how we effectively fight back against lawless Democrats; this is absolutely going to make your day!

Many of you may have seen these ridiculous antics that took place at the Tennessee legislature last week; it’s a bunch of woke leftwing nuts trying desperately to distract voters away from the fact that a trans activist gunned down six Christians in cold blood. Instead, they wanted to make it all about, what else, gun control; and so three Tennessee Democrats, Representatives Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson led a massive protest that completely disrupted the chamber! Well now they’re about to pay for it; it’s just been announced that the Republican dominated legislature is going to expel those three Democrats who participated in that legislative disruption. That’s right, the vote is scheduled for the sixth of April, and if two-thirds of the legislative chamber votes to remove them, they’re gone; they’re expelled from the Tennessee government! This was the scene when Republicans announced they were indeed expelling these Democrats from the Tennessee legislature:

It’s all sound and fury signifying nothing; absolutely nothing; it’s just the woke fulfilling their job description, turning everything they touch into shit! There’s nothing they can do! And that, my friends, is exactly what red states across the country need to start doing, in my estimation! They need to start expelling Democrats from the legislature in retaliation for Trump; now how that precisely works out, we’ll have to see. Tennessee lawmakers focused on Democrats participating in the insurrection; we can start there, but this is a political weapon that needs to be wielded mightily though our red state legislatures! Again, the more Democrats realize that what they’re doing to Trump adversely affects them and their political agenda, the sooner we’ll be over this insanity!